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November 22, 2021

Glitz and Glamour at STK, The Strand

You can be excused for thinking you had entered a ‘bling’ version of Studio 54 when you arrive at STK, the steakhouse making waves in the ME Hotel, London. Reminiscent of a St. Tropez nightclub or should it be called a ‘bistrotheque’? Silver and shimmering glass abound here, with ultra-chic banquette sofas and sleek but minimal dining chairs. The pinkish-blue lighting purely emphasises a somewhat decadent but social setting.

Cutting to the chase, we weren’t here to admire the surroundings but to savour STK’s reputation for the finest steaks. USDA prime beef is the name of the game here, a far cry from a perpetual plant-based diet which the world is gradually changing to. At STK, it’s all about finest quality meat, and plenty of it.

If you were wondering what STK stands for, but haven’t quite worked it out yet, it is indeed the word ‘Steak’. It purely and simply tells the world what the restaurant is about, even if it doesn’t quite capture the imagination. The restaurant is impressive in terms of décor, and suitable for couples or groups of friends on a night out, or even potentially some kind of event, such as a product launch. It rings the right bells for many occasions. With locations throughout the US and Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and Europe, its style lends itself to almost any vibrant city in the world.

Make no mistake, money has flowed into the creation of this venue, no holds barred, right down to the incredible acoustics, but it’s probably not going to suit everyone’s budget, good food or not – and the food was definitely good.

Choosing what to have did present a problem – there is a raw bar, but on a pretty cold evening we decided to go for everything cooked. We were advised that ‘everything was great’ on the menu and given a mini rundown of several of the courses. Good service, eh?

We opted for age-old favourites of ours, to see how they compared, and we were not disappointed. The crispy calamari with basil, Padron peppers, roasted garlic & lime aioli and Asian chilli sauce was definitely crisp and the dressing suitably tangy and tingling on your tongue – a great choice, although the Japanese pickled shrimp had almost initially beaten the calamari to the post, but maybe next time. Moving on to the ribeye and Wagyu steaks with triple cooked chips – they were what we expected. Cooked to perfection, tender and juicy, these steaks are grain-fed, but interestingly, the large Tomahawk Steak, served sliced is none other than a good old British Aberdeen Angus! Not for the fainthearted, as it weighs in like a heavyweight boxer in comparison to the other cuts – 900g!!

The choice of cuts is phenomenal, and it really should be the main reason for visiting STK. The dessert list is exceptionally short, but in fairness, it was hard to eat much more after the main course. Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Apple Pie, certainly support the American theme. The wine list is more than comprehensive, and there is also a range of tasty cocktails to tempt you.

We had a good meal and enjoyed the surroundings. If you enjoy beef, it’s certainly the place for you.

A: STK Steakhouse, 336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA

Written by Rafa Zurita for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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