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April 30, 2024

Gold Ball Gown: Choose the Right Dress for You

Gold ball gowns evoke thoughts of princesses and royal balls, and the rich gold colour of these dramatic dresses is something that many individuals often dream about. If you have a chance to wear a gold ball gown, you may be wondering how you narrow down your options, find the perfect ball gown, and choose a shade of gold that is the most flattering.

Our article gives you details on how to choose the best gold ball gown for your needs so you can feel like your most confident and beautiful self.

What Is a Ball Gown?

Ball gowns are fairly distinctive, and you may easily be able to recognize a ball gown when you see it. In general, ball gowns have a tighter or form-fitting bodice, sometimes defined by a corset lace back, and these bodices give way to large, bell-shaped skirts.

These skirts will start right at the hip and go down to floor length, and there may be many different layers of fabric used with slightly different colours or textures that give style and volume to the ball down.

While ball gowns usually have the same distinctive shape, they do feature different necklines and strap styles in addition to different embellishments and overlays, such as lace, ruffles, ribbons, and embroidery. Very ornate ball gowns may have jewels and sequins sewn on, or they may have intricate backs with corset lace-up designs.

Choosing the Best Shade of Gold Ball Gown

Even though purchasing a gold ball gown doesn’t seem like the hardest thing to do, it can be quite confusing to wade through all of the shades of gold possible.

As you select your gown, you will want to keep in mind the shade of gold that is going to flatter your skin and hair best, something that can give you an overall glowing appearance when you wear your gold ball gown to your next event.
Skin undertone is one of the most important things to consider as you find the best shade of gold for you, as you can select a gold with warm or cool undertones that match your skin, flattering your complexion.

You can determine your skin undertone by looking at the veins in your arms or another visible part of your body:

●      Veins that appear blue or purple are due to a cool skin tone, and cool skin tones have shades of pink, blue, and red in their base.
●      Veins that appear greener are due to a warm skin tone; warm skin tones will have yellow, peach, or gold shades in their base.
●      Veins that appear a mix of blue and green are due to a neutral skin tone, and neutral skin tones have a mixture of cool and warm undertones in their base.

Once you have a better idea of your skin undertone, you can pick a shade of gold that has similar warm or cool undertones. This will flatter your complexion and allow you to have an overall more glowing and vibrant appearance.

●      For cool skin tones, shades of gold with pink, blue, or light red undertones are best. This can include colours of white or light gold, creamy golds, and champagne.
●      For warm skin tones, shades of gold that have deep yellow, red, or orange undertones are best. This can include gold shades like a bright canary, butterscotch, or rich honey colours.
●      For neutral skin tones, you may be able to pick a shade of gold that has either cool or warm undertones. Just make sure that the gold gown matches the shades of your makeup and jewellery to blend your outfit seamlessly.

You can also use your skin undertone to pick out the best shade of gold jewellery or accessories that will complement your complexion and match your gold ball gown.

Where Do I Find a Gold Ball Gown?

Shopping for your gold ball gown can be an exciting process, but you will need to know where to start. We recommend visiting online stores like Sherri Hill, local boutiques, and formal gown shops in local malls to figure out the types of gold ball gown styles and colours that look best on you.

If you are shopping for your gold ball gown on a budget, online boutiques may have deals you can shop at, or you can visit a local thrift store to see if any gold ball gowns are on sale within your price range.

Going for the Gold

Gold ball gowns are often elegant, reminiscent of royalty, and have a fairytale-like quality to them. Finding your gold ball gown can be a lengthy process, and it is important to keep in mind the style of dress and shade of gold that will best flatter your complexion.

Once you have these items down, you can start shopping for the gold ball gown of your dress that is sure to turn heads at your next event.

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