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July 29, 2021

Gunner launches canned version of popular Gunner Saint Mocktails

New version follows on the success of its draught solution which is already available in a number of hospitality venues across the UK.

The launch taps into surging demand for no and low alcohol, with research by Gunners revealing 18% of UK adults have increased their consumption of NoLo drinks this year London, 6th July 2021 – British premium drinks company Gunners Cocktails is pleased to announce the launch of a canned version of its popular Gunner Saint mocktail. This follows the success of its draught solution and strengthens Gunners’ NoLo drinks offer across the hospitality and leisure sectors.

During this pandemic, we have noticed that increasingly, discerning drinkers are exploring the low and no alcohol offerings and want something grown up to drink when choosing a non- alcoholic option. Having rigorously tested a great tasting product over the past three years, supplying a number of leisure and hospitality venues across the UK, versatility and alternative product options for our customers was essential.

The original recipe dates from 1842 and this refreshing and restorative drink is made of all- natural ingredients, ginger, natural bitters and a twist of lime, providing a stand-alone mocktail, as well as an alternative refreshing mixer for numerous liquors.

The launch follows new research completed this month by Gunners, which revealed that 18% of UK adults had increased their consumption of NoLo drinks during the past year, while over a quarter (26%) of respondents said that they would be happy to replace more than 50% of their alcohol consumption with NoLo alternatives, corresponding with significant recent growth seen across UK and global markets.

For people choosing NoLo beverages, general health was the most-cited reason for doing so (45%), followed by avoiding hangovers (30%). 16% also cited the mental health benefits in comparison to consuming alcoholic drinks, while just 8% of people said they chose NoLo beverages because they were teetotal, reflecting the surging popularity of drinks such as Gunner Saint across varied consumer groups.

Gunners has also responded to society’s demands for more eco-friendly options and produced Saint in a slim line can as a more sustainable and convenient alternative to glass bottles, appealing to customers’ changing preferences. Cans have three times more post-consumer recycled material than glass bottles and are the most sustainable beverage package on virtually every measure.

Gunners are targeting new stockists such as exclusive private members clubs, iconic sporting tournaments such as tennis and polo events, high-end boutique hotels, leading restaurants, and premium bars that reflect its clientele.

Gathering pace even before the pandemic, the ready-to drink market has seen significant growth in the last year and is expected to increase by 41% globally between 2019-2024. Last year saw the cocktail go mobile and RTD retail stores are forecast to gain a major share in the global canned cocktails market. This growth is largely boosted by demand from Europe, projected to account for more than 40% of ready-to-drink (RTD) sales.

Underpinning this growth, is the modification in drinking habits, with demand for NoLo drinks soaring during lockdown. The market’s value is predicted to rise to US$146bn worldwide by 2030. Over past 12 months, retail sales have increased by 30% to £188m reflecting a focus on health and wellbeing.

Setting the benchmark and enhancing the category, Gunners provides a high-quality refreshing NoLo cocktail experience in a convenient form to suit its expanding target market.

Dannie McDonald, Managing Director of Gunners Cocktails, said: “Offering a canned version was the next logical step for us, having a really successful draught solution, our customers wanted Gunner in a can to give them more flexibility, for use away from the bar, events, conferencing, meetings, mini fridges etc. This informed our decision to design a slim line can, which is easily recycled, easily handled and stored, resulting in the perfect solution and ready for summer, as we are all delighted to see hospitality reopening across the UK.”

Giles Fuchs, Founder of Gunners Cocktails, said: “Research recently revealed that over 60% of Brits plan to spend their summer drinking cocktails and mocktails outside, while, in our recent survey, almost two-thirds of people said the intended to consume NoLo drinks this year. With life starting to resemble normalcy again, I think everyone is looking forward to getting together with family and friends this summer to do just that. We are really excited to help deliver that experience, particularly as the NoLo market is growing exponentially. Gunners’ Saint is a truly fresh and energising drink, drawing upon a rich heritage and we’re very proud it’s made here in the UK. It’s Gunner be great.”

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