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April 25, 2021

Harley Street Injectables – rejuvenation treatments and more…

Harley Street Injectables is a cosmetic clinic based in the Harley street district of London. Alice Henshaw decided to start the clinic to exclusively focus on Injectables after working for some of London’s top plastic surgeons. Noticing a gap on the market of predominantly male owned clinics, Alice opened her own clinic . Harley Street Injectables is a leader in cosmetic injectable and rejuvenation treatments which has helped develop into one of the most sought after practices in London and of course, in combination with Alice’s International training and extensive experience, Harley Street Injectables always ensures that patients receive the best when it comes to modern technology and innovative treatment. This means that you can feel comfortable letting Alice and her team take the lead in your care, whether you want a one-off procedure or a series of treatment sessions.

With Harley Street Injectables, you can enjoy a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures from a highly trained medical professionals. This includes treatments to improve the effects of aging, preventative treatments and life-changing transformations. Achieving natural results that promote subtle revitalisation is always the goal of hers, so that patients can be happy with their experience and feel more confident in their own skin.

The clinic doesn’t just provide anti-aging injectable treatments, it also offers leading dermatology treatments for clients that suffer from acne, acne scarring and non-surgical procedures to help with weight loss, tightening and lifting. Each treatment is fully customised to suit the individual clients needs.

A:  25 Upper Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 6NF
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W: Harley Street Injectables
T: +44(0) 7540201973

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