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June 14, 2022

Hertfordshire Aesthetics Clinic – an expert approach

I do not take aesthetics lightly, in fact, it takes quite some due diligence before I embark on allowing a therapist to administer any kind of injectables, mistakes can be made! I came across Georgia when I was looking for treatment a little closer to home, in the Hertfordshire suburbs. So I began reading reviews and checking out qualifications and Georgia of Hertfordshire Aesthetics Clinic based in Tring literally a stones throw from our office, popped up. I spent a lot of time checking out this clinic and the treatments carried out here, I diligently read every single clinic review, meticulously inspected the before and after photos and eventually made an appointment for a consultation.

Georgia offers a huge range of treatments from lip enhancement, micro-needling, anti-wrinkle treatments, skin boosters, fat dissolving injections and of course dermal fillers and she continually strives to further her aesthetic education. Georgia is now also recognised as a Safer Practice Ambassador. The Safer Practice Register was created to promote a safer industry, she has also taken a diploma in advanced aesthetics at Lipology Academy to ensure she offers the safest and most efficient treatments, with care and consideration and to manage her client’s expectations realistically.

My personal concern was my jawline, it seemed to be sagging, and the oval of my face was becoming a little square, which in my personal opinion begins to look a touch masculine, not to mention it’s also very aging.

I had heard a lot about the fat dissolving injections, but not actually come across anyone who had had them unlike botox and fillers, most of which my friends were quite experienced in. Following a lengthy and extremely informative consultation with Georgia I felt completely at ease and ready to begin treatment then and there, I didn’t need to even go away and think about it.

The fat-dissolving injection can be used in many areas of the body – bingo-wings, love handles, stomach, double-chin, and jawline.

My jawline and double-chin were not really terrible, but in photos I was always conscious of the saggy profile.

Here is a bit of technical information –

Fat dissolving injections, also known as lipolytic injections, destroy fat cells by damaging the fat cell membrane and liquifying the fat in the treatment area. The destroyed fat cells are then broken down and removed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.

MyFiller Slim ( the product brand name) contains the active ingredient sodium deoxycholate (deoxycholic acid) which is a special, FDA- approved, medical detergent to break down fat cells. It has been shown to be safer, more effective and more comfortable than other older fat dissolvers on the market. The MyFiller range is a luxury, clinically proven selection of products that practitioners and clients love. The MyFiller range even won Mesotherapy Product of the Year 2020 at the GHP

The process

How many sessions are needed will depend on the area and you will be advised honestly by Georgia. She estimated that I will need four sessions, three to four weeks apart and maybe even a fifth.

For me nearly at the end of my five sessions, the entire process has been really simple. The first step at each session is for a topical anesthetic to be applied, this takes about 15 minutes to work, then Georgia marks the area to be treated and a series of tiny injections is carried out. It is a very quick and painless process but it is extremely important that it is administered by a therapist who really understands the skin, muscles, the depth of the injection, and the structure underlying the area to be treated, it is a skilled practice and needs a lot of physical knowledge. On a scale of 1 -10 the ‘ouch factor’ for me was 1!

Following each session for me, there was no ‘downtime’ at all, no bruising or swelling, and no tenderness, but these are minor issues that may occur for some, short-lived and certainly not anything to hinder your day. You may continue with normal day-to-day activities and physical activity, but you are advised to drink a lot of water as this is how the fat is flushed from the body.

After sessions one and two I saw a small change, my daughter said she thought my chin had ‘popped out’ a bit. After session three I could definitely see a clearer jawline, and the jowls seemed softer, so super results already. Following session four the difference was noticeable, even my cheekbones looked a bit more pronounced. My profile was without a doubt younger-looking and more firm and as I applied my night serum I could actually feel the jawbone more.

I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your homework, don’t be afraid to ask your chosen therapist to show you their qualifications and to see before and after images, they will not be offended, they know knowledge is key and that your confidence in their ability is paramount.

I have one more sesiion to complete my treatment plan, and I have to admit I’m absolutely thrilled to bits so far, but the absolute final results will be seen 3 to 4 weeks following the final session, so I’m frantically drinking huge quantities of water to ensure optimum impact.

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Written by Debbie Stone Global Editor for the Luxuria Lifestyle Group


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