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October 1, 2021

Hideaway Receives the Gold for its COVID-19 Readiness

The Best Luxury Hideaway Resort in the Maldives as per Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2021 continues to impress, this time with a new health-related accolade.

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is now a COVID-Ready Gold certified property, administered by Hotel Resilient and verified by the Maldives’ own auditing company, NSURE. Gold Certification status verifies that Hideaway is following international and local guidelines, industry best practices, and the latest scientific research related to the pandemic. To receive this top-ranking credential, Hideaway had to meet each and every global and local standard overseen by Hotel Resilient which included enhanced cleaning, risk controls, physical distancing, and response plans.

Since last year, the resort has focused a lot of time, energy, and resources into combatting the pandemic and reducing its negative effects. Several new strategies and policies were put in place, such as the creation of coronavirus-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), the formation of a COVID-19 Taskforce, and the hiring of new staff specifically dedicated to COVID-19.

This dedication to safety, coupled with the unique geographic disposition of the Maldives, is the perfect frontline defence. All resorts are situated on their own islands, accessible only by speedboat or seaplane and only accessible after getting a negative PCR test. They are thus separated from each other, the capital city, and the main airport. This “one-island, one-resort” concept has kept the hospitality industry afloat in these challenging times and strengthened the public health response in the Maldives.

Balancing vacation and fun with health and safety is a unique challenge, but one that the Hideaway Team takes seriously. Hotel Resilient’s Gold Certification is a culmination of all these measures and highlights the fact that Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa is doing everything it can to be a safe tropical destination for tourists during the pandemic.

“I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for the COVID-READY GOLD Certification and the amazing work accomplished by our team. More than ever, our priority is still unchanged and the health and safety of our guests and team members is our utmost priority”, says General Manager Christophe Adam.

While externally seeking this recognition, Hideaway Beach also turned internally and has been vaccinating staff against COVID-19. Through their #strongertogether campaign, and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, and Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital and Dhidhdhoo Atoll Hospital, Hideaway Beach established a vaccination centre and was able to offer the vaccine to all staff members that wanted to receive it. At this time, the resort is excited to report 98% of their staff have received two doses and are thus fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

“With the use of all tools we have in-hand such as masks, cleaning tools, resort app, and communication materials, we believe managing safety and cleanliness procedures and effective communication of those procedures to guests as well as associates is possible during this pandemic” says Safety & Security Manager Akhil P. Chandran. He is joined in the sentiment by the Resort Doctor, Dr. Anita Gurung who works tireless in the COVID-19 response and ensuring the well-being of all guests and associates on the island. “Proud to be a part of a team who is prepared to welcome you to where you can relax in a safe and tranquil environment while we ensure your safety and well-being is taken care of. With our vaccination efforts and common-sense approach to COVID safety at the resort, I am sure we will all get through this together”.

For travellers who are anxious about COVID-19 or vacationing during a pandemic, look no further: the Best Luxury Hideaway Resort in the Maldives has the health and safety of guests and staff as its main focus, both before and during your stay. Tourists travelling during the pandemic can rest easy knowing their favourite hotel has made mitigating COVID-19 a top priority, and now has the gold medal and vaccine card to prove it. Thus, guests can make it their top priority to rest, relax, and rejuvenate in our slice of paradise in the Maldives.

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