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June 1, 2021

Hippo Boutique Hotel – Cape Town

A two-minute walk from the bustling Kloof Street in Cape Town Central, is the beautiful and modern Hippo Boutique Hotel. A member of Cape Country Routes, Hippo Boutique Hotel is combination of a modern-day structure with some remnants of the history of this place, Hippo Boutique Hotel is a gem in the city with a few unexpected surprises.

The reception, a short lift ride from the parking lot, on the second floor of the hotel, opens up to a low-key conference lounge with a balcony to take in the city’s air. The quiet waiting area keeping you unaware of being in the middle of a busy city.

As we open the door to the Vida Café Room, we go from a walk way into a room that opens up in all its glory. Light streaming in from the massive window, framing Cape Town’s famous Signal Hill, as if it was placed In between the opposing buildings for our viewing pleasure. Our room is not just a hotel room, but an entire loft apartment, including a kitchenette, fridge, and dining space. What makes the space so functional is the addition of a workspace desk which is very convenient for those working travelers.

Hippo Boutique Hotel is your modern home away from home, with a comfortable lounge space with enough space for entertaining guests, a full Television bouquet for when you just want to take a load off and a private upstairs bedroom which separates the below entertainment from the relaxation above. The beautiful upstairs bedroom is also unique in that it opens up to the open plan master bathroom, both with full access the large lounge window and its views.

Cape Town Can get pretty hot in the summer months and based on where Hippo Boutique Hotel is based, it’s rare to find a place to cool off, which is something that the hotel owner thought about ahead of the time. Just out of the back door on the ground floor, across the parking lot is a cozy little swimming pool with recliners for those hot days. Surrounded by Cape Town’s famous Mountains, it’s easy to take time out at the pool in the late afternoon.

Hippo Boutique has a special hidden place to take in the true beauty of the Cape Landscape. Simply take the lift to the top of the building, walk around the corner toward to outdoor staircase that then opens up the massive and awe-inspiring view of Table Mountain in all its glory. Take a chair up with your drinks and enjoy the sunset views of this unique World wonder as if you are bowed at its feet.

Overall, Hippo Boutique Hotel offers a quiet escape from all the activities that the mother city has to offer, and at the same time is a walk away from a moving and alive night time entertainment that Kloof street has on offers. Make sure to stop by Hippo Boutique Hotel when visiting the mother city as it will give you every luxury you need and more on your stay.

W:  Cape Country Routes
A:  5-9 Park Road, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
W: Hippo Boutque Hotel
T:  +27 21 423 2500

Written by Merlize Jogiat for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife