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May 27, 2022

How luxury holidays are different in the new normal

The travel industry is back with a bang after a daunting phase amid the pandemic. Vacations are safe as usual after the widespread vaccine drives. Moreover, travel restrictions are no longer there, so it is possible to embark anywhere. Travel buffs are excited and ready to shuttle to their favorite destinations. The new normal is likely to witness a luxury holiday trend because people are itching to indulge in themselves. But luxury holidays in the new normal are different. You must get your facts right about them if you plan to splurge on a luxurious break. Let us explain how things have changed for high-value holidays.

Wellness is the new luxury

Even as the virus is less dangerous now, everyone is more health-conscious than ever. In fact, wellness is the top priority in the new normal. Not surprisingly, it is also a new luxury for travelers. A luxurious trip is more likely to be at a spa resort or wellness retreat rather than a beach destination. You can even plan an outdoor trip at a high-end mountain resort to get the best of both worlds.

Distance does not matter

High-end travel is no longer about flying halfway across the world for an exotic vacation. You can even find a premium property closer home for the same feel if long flights still make you nervous. Planning an indulgent staycation is another idea if you want to have a good time at home. Hire a chef or order food from a plush restaurant to pamper yourself. You can indulge in at-home spa services to complete the experience.

Timeshares are passé

Timeshare ownership was once a thing to flaunt, but it is no longer a trend. In fact, timeshares are passé now as they bring unnecessary expenses and limit your options. After all, nothing gets more boring than holidaying in the same place year after year. The best thing you can do right now is to seek an exit from the contract. Luckily, many timeshare exit companies can help make it a breeze. Once you offload the burden, you have more flexibility and money to plan an exotic trip wherever you want.

Packing lists are different

Your packing checklists will have more safety essentials than luxury items. Expect to wear athleisure clothing for wellness activities instead of high-fashion outfits for crowded parties at casinos and clubs. Likewise, the essentials lists will have things like face masks, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and sunscreens rather than expensive makeup and personal care items.

Money is a concern

Although you cannot expect a premium vacation to fit into the budget, you will still want to spend wisely. You only need to be more frugal with vacation planning to save a good sum, even on a luxe trip. Look for deals on flights and accommodations to spend less for the same experience. Consider traveling in the off-season because even a week sooner and later can make a difference. Pack your snacks if holidaying with little ones to keep them busy.

Luxury holidays in the new normal are about wise decisions. Follow this checklist while planning your next one, and you will have a great time.

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