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March 9, 2023

How Many THC-O Gummies Should I Consume Daily?

Even though THC-O gummies are an extremely popular product, they are also relatively new on the market. Therefore, while there is plenty of information on dosing products such as CBD and delta 8 thc gummies for sale, less is known about the ‘right’ amount of THC-O to consume.

In truth, there is no universal correct dosage. The number of THC-O gummies you can consume daily depends on how you react to the cannabinoid. We can tell you that it is significantly more potent than most other commercially available cannabinoids. Therefore, caution is advised when using THC-O gummies for the first time.

This article looks into the likely effects of THC-O. It investigates how much you should consider using based on your experience in using marijuana and your general THC tolerance level.

How is THC-O Likely to Affect Me?

First and foremost, before you buy THC-O gummies from Premium Jane or another reputable brand, please note that its nickname is the “spiritual cannabinoid.” It is believed to be about three times as strong as the delta-9 THC found in marijuana. Consequently, it is at least four times more potent than HHC and up to six times as potent as delta-8 THC.

Those who use THC-O claim that the cannabinoid provides uplifting and energizing effects similar to what one feels after using a Sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid. However, the effects can become psychedelic when the dose gets past a certain level (which varies from one user to the next).

However, unless you use a fairly substantial amount (which is NOT recommended), you’re unlikely to experience a hallucinogenic effect. Some users suggest that visual enhancements may occur. This is possibly due to increased eye dilation, which ensures you become highly sensitive to movement, light, and colors.

Also, when using THC-O gummies, bear in mind the time it takes for the product to have an effect. As they are edibles, it could take between 30 minutes and two hours to feel the potent high. Individuals looking for a faster onset tend to consume THC-O vape pens instead. A few puffs are all you need to feel intoxicated, and the high is noticeable within minutes.

On the other hand, the high from a vape pen dissipates fairly rapidly, although you can take another few puffs! In contrast, the high from THC-O gummies can last for hours.

How Many THC-O Gummies Should I Use?

First and foremost, it depends on the THC-O concentration. The standard dosage is 25mg per gummy, although some brands may sell gummies in lower concentrations. Since THC-O is triple the strength of delta-9 THC, a 25mg THC-O gummy is the equivalent of consuming 75mg of delta-9. For the uninitiated, this is a HUGE dose that will overwhelm new users and people with low to medium THC tolerances.

Here is a quick breakdown of how much THC-O to use depending on your experience level and THC tolerance.

Novice: Stick to a maximum of 2mg of THC-O if you insist on trying the cannabinoid. Realistically, delta-8 or HHC are better options for beginners.

Moderately Experienced: If you have some experience using marijuana and can handle a moderate dose, begin with 3-5mg of THC-O. You will likely feel very strong effects if you consume more than 10mg.

Experienced User: If you use marijuana regularly and have developed a high tolerance, a dosage of about 5-12.5mg is suitable. Once you go beyond 15mg, you can expect to feel highly potent effects.

Therefore, it is best if you don’t use THC-O gummies as a beginner. Look for HHC or delta-8 gummies instead. As a moderately experienced weed user, one-quarter of a standard THC-O gummy, which equates to 6.25mg, should be the maximum you use. As an experienced marijuana user, half a gummy is the most you should try at first, as this offers 12.5mg of THC-O.

Final Thoughts on How Many THC-O Gummies to Use

Assuming that a standard THC-O gummy contains 25mg of the cannabinoid, you should probably never consume more than one. Indeed, for most users, half a gummy is all that’s required to experience a highly intoxicating buzz. If you go beyond that level too early, you could experience a psychedelic effect that isn’t to everyone’s liking. THC beginners should start with delta-8 or HHC and work their way up.

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