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August 1, 2022

How Modern Mums Can Level Up Their Child’s Styling Needs

Kids’ fashion has undoubtedly come a long way in the last few decades, especially in designer kid clothing. The streetwear trend that was so popular in most cosmopolitan cities has now narrowed down to niche markets where one can still get variety.

And with the modern kids being exposed to fashion through smartphones and other devices, they have become more conscious of what’s trending and what’s typical. Now, as mums, you would like to go overboard with luxury brands for your little munchkin, but is fashion all about luxury? Umm No.

Read on to how you can level up your child’s style game with some valuable tips and pass on some fashion tips to them.

Choose Comfort First; Style is Secondary: You might wish to fill your child’s closet with the most fashionable ensemble, including all the latest trends, but it might not be the most comfortable option for them. Whenever you pick any dress from a children’s boutique for your girl or boy, make sure to choose options that are comfortable to wear, ensuring your kids can run and play around without any distractions. After all, they’re kids. When you style them with the comfort factor being kept in mind, they would also understand its importance and take that advice along.

Use Accessories: There’s no doubt that accessories can enhance the overall look of an outfit. Though you might have the trendiest kid in the room who knows about styling and accessorizing, ensure that you guide and assist them in choosing the right clothing, apparel, and accessories that will go well with the outfits. Again, they’re kids and might mistake something for something else. Sunglasses, watches, necklaces, and rings are a few of the basic but stylish accessories that can turn the entire look of an outfit upside down.

Dress up Your Kiddos for the Weather: This is a no-brainer that your mums should style their kids as per the needs of the weather. Since kids are more sensitive, it also comes down to their health. For instance, avoid dressing your child with thick fabrics as it might cause overheating. On the other hand, choosing thin layers of clothing during cold days can result in cold and fever. So, the key is to dress your child up for the weather. Of course, you can do some experiments with certain pieces of clothing that won’t have much effect on your child’s health.

Allow Them to Be Versatile: We understand that as mothers, you would wish to see your child in the best of outfits, but that should not compromise on the versatility factor. Along with the wardrobe essentials such as shirts and dresses, you should also try to add pieces of clothing that are not basic and can be paired with other outfits too. Just imagine how cute your little munchkins would look, donning different looks every day.

In today’s competitive world, where even kids aren’t spared from the word ‘competition,’ teach your kids to be confident in their fashion style instead of going gaga over brands just to show off.

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