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November 4, 2020

How the Luxury Accommodation Market Is Adapting to the Pandemic

There is no question that every industry has been touched in some way, shape or form by the pandemic. Whether the changes have been relatively minor, or Covid-19 has forced the industry to completely reinvent itself and present a new way of offering its products and services, the pandemic touched everybody. One of the industries that have been most negatively impacted is the travel industry. Flights around the world hit record lows as countries place restrictions on who can come and go, and more people travel closer to home or don’t travel at all.

With that said, many branches of the travel industry are now looking at ways to adapt, to give travellers what they need and what they are looking for during these times. A great example is the luxury accommodation market, which has been working hard to provide travellers with a sense of safety and wellbeing. Let’s take a closer look.

Overcrowding is a Thing of the Past

The fact that fewer people are travelling may actually be helping make this measure possible, but many accommodation providers are making sure that the properties don’t feel overcrowded. Making sure there is room around the pool, in the common spaces, in hotel restaurants and even leaving space between booked rooms is all happening pretty regularly. Fewer people around means physical distancing is much easier for guests to maintain.

Cleanliness Has Never Been More Important

Of course, there is no secret that cleanliness is top of the list for most travellers looking to book accommodations. Hotels and other accommodation providers are now taking such measures as changing air filters more often. This is actually a lesson that homeowners themselves can use – as you can buy in bulk like hotels do by using sites like Filterbuy.

If you’re concerned about forgetting to buy cleaning products and being unable to find spare cleaning items, then consider using a subscription service. For example, you’ll never forget your air filters if you use Filterbuy. The firm allows you to shop online for a wide variety of filters that you can browse by type, size or brand, and then set up a regular subscription, so that you get the filters you need when you need them.

Also in the realm of cleanliness is disinfecting all the high-touch surfaces in the accommodations – something that is being done more often and more thoroughly than ever before. And it’s not just the standard cleaning products; these luxury high-end accommodations are coming forward with innovative ideas in order to take cleanliness to the next level. This means installing things like hand-sanitizing stations throughout the hotel and its grounds, using UV lights to kills bacteria, and more.

Contactless Features Abound

Then there is the rise of contactless features. This includes everything from contactless reservations and bookings, to payments, checking in, making restaurant reservations, signing up for services, and more. Hotels are using their own websites and companion apps to offer this service, and travellers are fully embracing it.

A Trend that Will Continue for Some Time

And just how long will the travel industry continue to adapt? As long as it needs to. Many people will say that until there is a safe and effective vaccine, these adjustments will only continue to dig in and innovate in order to keep people safe and encourage them to book a stay.

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