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August 13, 2021

How The Right Lighting Can Transform A Space

Lighting can do more than brighten up space. It can impact and improve everything in a room, from the color scheme to the architectural structures. Installing a beautiful fixture or a unique light shade that reflects the style of the room is simple, effective, quick, and economical. As there are various lighting choices to save you money, the only thing that will be costly is the time spent choosing the lighting for each room.

If you are in search of new interior inspiration, perhaps consider updating your home’s lighting. These are just a few ways how the perfect lighting can completely transform a space.

Alter The Mood

Using as much natural light as possible will help create the illusion that a room is spacious than it is. It can also help to make you feel more productive. Adding colored lights to your home will create an atmosphere and will also influence your mood.

For instance, blue lights and neutral-colored lights are great for creating a calming and tranquil environment – perfect for bedrooms and spaces you want to feel peaceful. The color green can also be calming and soothing, whilst the color yellow can motivate people to feel more productive.

Add Character To A Room

Sometimes, a room needs a little touch of fun to brighten the place up. If the rest of your home follows a very minimalist theme or has a serious toned style throughout, featuring an unusual piece, such as a statement lamp, could inject a source of interest and character into space without overwhelming guests. Having a subtle, modern lighting piece can break up a room that is traditionally styled.

Alternatively, why not liven up space with a neon sign. You may even consider customizing a neon sign to truly personalize the space. Being able to customize a neon sign for the home is a rising trend. Many households are investing in neon signs to transform spaces in their home. It provides light to a room, adds character and can be seen as a piece of art.

Creates A Flow Throughout The Home

It can be challenging to divide an open area of your home into distinct rooms or even trying to open up an area of your house. Lighting has the power to help create distinct spatial divides throughout a property. Whilst open floor plans provide a modern feel, it can be difficult to distinguish between the areas for dining, cooking, and living without walls to separate them.

One way to achieve this is through investing in pendant lighting overhead. It will divide areas as you will center the lights over the spaces that you want to separate. For the dining area, you may choose a longer hanging pendant to feature above the dining area. It will create an intimate feeling, which is perfect for dining. In the living room, you could use flush mount lighting, creating an open and relaxing space.

Regardless of your style or budget, lighting is one of the most effective ways to change the way a home feels the moment you step through the door. Updating the lighting in your home does not have to be a grand design task. The lighting can easily be installed throughout a weekend, making noticeable changes to your home in an instant.

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