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September 29, 2021

How To Apply Perfume For Long-Lasting Effects.

Whenever you purchase a new bottle of perfume, it’s normal to wish every spritz would last the whole day. The reason is simple; everyone wants to smell amazing from the moment they step out of the front door, to the moment they enter the shower after a long day. The truth is, you can buy expensive perfume and it still won’t last longer than lunchtime.

Besides, it’s really disappointing when your favorite scent wears off and you’re left feeling insecure and less confident. But don’t worry, there are always creative ways around these things. Here are useful tips on how to apply perfume for long-lasting effects.

1. Don’t mix conflicting products

It may seem wise to shop for cosmetic products from different brands. You’re getting the best of different worlds. Plus, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, right? Well, in this case, the proverb does not really apply. Your lotion, bathing soap, essential oils, and perfumes should all have a similar scent.

If the bathing soap smells citrus, the lotion is fruity and yet the perfume is oriental, the various scents will clash. If possible, the lotion should be slightly scented or have no fragrance at all. This is easily achieved when most or all of the products are from one brand. Try checking out parfumdreams for fragrances, make-up, and skincare from your favorite brands. It’s easier to shop for all skincare products from the same brand on sites like this.

2. Check the perfume concentrate

Some shoppers are so intent on knowing what goes on their bodies. So, they develop the shopping habit of checking the ingredients, looking out for allergens or any harmful substances. This habit is very beneficial. Imagine buying perfumes with synthetic fragrances without knowing the dangers of doing so.

The same way you check for expiration dates or ingredients on food packages, it’s wise to do the same when purchasing a new bottle of perfume. Aside from checking for any inconsistencies or harmful ingredients, checking the ratio of perfume to alcohol may help out a lot. Perfumes with high alcohol concentrates won’t last as long as fragrances with more perfume concentrate.

3. Apply on bare skin

The idea of spraying perfume on clothes is smart since clothing fibers hold scents over time. However, it’s better to spray more on the skin because fragrance lasts longer on moisturized skin. If you just focus on the outfit of the day, the fabric may retain the fragrance for long, but once you start to sweat, those clothes won’t stop the natural odors from taking center stage. So, try dabbing or spraying the perfume directly on your body first, preferably after you have a shower.

4. Use vaseline

After figuring out the right perfume for you, the next step is to purchase the right moisturizer as well. Vaseline is one thick and beneficial option that won’t just keep the knees and elbows smooth and soft. They also work to retain fragrance. Thanks to how thick vaseline is, it helps lock in the scent, especially when applied to pulse points.

5. Know your perfume

Many people don’t know the different types of perfumes. This is another major reason why many feel disappointed after paying so much for a particular scent. Even more, not many people acquaint themselves with perfume terms. In reality, most of these terms will save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

If you know the top, middle and base notes, you won’t even have to test the perfume before buying it. These notes explain which scents surface first but fade quickly (top notes), which ones develop after the top notes have faded (middle/heart notes) and the most potent scent that surfaces last, but lasts the longest, (base notes).

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