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May 9, 2022

How to Choose a High Potency CBD Oil?

Your health and wellness are one of the best things you can invest in. Alongside daily exercise, a nutritious diet, and mindfulness, many people supplement their well-being routines with Cannabidiol (CBD). If you’re new to CBD, experts recommend starting on a low dose first to understand how your body reacts to it. Therefore, if you’re considering buying high strength CBD oil, you must gradually work up to a higher dosage.

If you’ve been using CBD for some time but believe you need a higher dosage for amplified effects, buying a premium quality product is essential. This article highlights how to find high potency CBD oil to increase the results of your natural supplement, calm the mind and ease the body.

Tips for Buying High Strength CBD Products

One of the concerns people have when buying high CBD cannabis oil is the potency of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the potentially intoxicating hemp compound. It’s important to note that high strength CBD extract cannot cause a “high” because CBD alone is non-intoxicating. Through the extraction process, manufacturers remove most, if not all, THC. If you opt for a full-spectrum CBD oil, there may be trace amounts of this cannabinoid, but this is not enough to intoxicate. In fact, many people choose a full spectrum extract because the traces of THC could amplify the potential CBD benefits.

Alphagreen is the leading CBD marketplace in the UK and Europe, positioning themselves as CBD connoisseurs. After several years of pioneering in the industry, it’s safe to say they are experts on all things hemp and natural supplements. Below, Alphagreen recommends what to look out for to find a premium cannabis product.

Independently Tested: When buying any CBD product, it’s crucial that you’re fueling your body with safe ingredients. As strong CBD extracts have a higher percentage of cannabinoids, testing becomes even more critical to guarantee safety. Look out for brands that test their batches with a trusted third party, as this is a clear sign of a safe option.

Lab Reports: If a product has been independently tested, most brands should provide a lab report, or certificate of analysis (COA), for the customer to view. Firstly, this ensures safe levels of THC. Once again, it’s crucial to have legal, safe THC levels when buying any CBD product, but especially extra strength CBD oil. Secondly, these reports indicate if the level of CBD matches the potency the brand is selling you. Unfortunately, as the industry is still developing, it’s easy for brands to overcharge for a product or place misleading strengths on the packaging.

Organic Ingredients: Your mind and body deserve the best. For high-quality CBD oil, always opt for organic ingredients and avoid products using chemicals, like pesticides or herbicides. For instance, Alphagreen injects its love for the natural world into every aspect of the marketplace as each product is made with pure, organic ingredients, as nature intended.

Premium Extraction Method: There are many ways to extract CBD from hemp plants. Even though each option has its pros and cons, supercritical CO2 extraction is the gold standard in the cannabis industry. Typically it provides the safest extract while still retaining the natural potency of hemp compounds. On that note, a trustworthy brand will be transparent about its processes and the lifecycle of its products, including the extraction method.

Why is it Important to Buy Premium Extra Strength CBD Oil?

When buying high potency CBD oil, it’s even more important to buy from a trusted supplier as the risk of ingesting high THC levels increases. Buying a poor quality product could increase the risk of contamination and inconsistent strengths. Many people rely on their strong CBD supplements to balance the mind and body; thus, an unreliable or ineffective product could affect their daily lives.

Investing in high-quality CBD oil is vital, and that’s why Alphagreen prides itself on supplying an impressive range of CBD from a spectrum of hand-picked, vetted brands. This leading health and wellness marketplace supports you through the entire process, from learning about hemp in science-backed articles, an innovative, accessible website, a responsive customer care team and after-sale support.

As you can see, there are some crucial factors to shopping for high potency CBD oil. A trusted brand will supply independent test results to give you peace of mind that your hemp oil is safe and effective.

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