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January 26, 2022

How To Choose Vape Device For Your Lifestyle

Vaping has become popular among people transitioning from smoking or those who want to experience vaping for the first time. It’s believed that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking and an excellent way to save money. This growing belief means that the choice of vaping kits and devices is also growing. At first, you may think that any vaping device will do the trick. But over time, you’ll realize that you need a device that fits your lifestyle.

What works for one person may not work for you; therefore, you need to choose a device you’ll like. There are many vaping devices available today. Of course, there are disagreements on which is the best. But it all depends on your preference in terms of size, power, and other specifications.

This article will look at different ways that’ll help you choose a vape device for your lifestyle, making sure you’ll enjoy your vaping experience:

Consider the size

When vapes were being introduced, they resembled the traditional cigarette for marketing reasons. However, as vaping became more prevalent, bigger sizes were introduced to allow more battery power and functionality. The cig-a-like, which is the smallest, is suitable for people who want to smoke on the go, and they form the best disposable vapes. Therefore, they’re mostly found in convenience stores and gas stations. Also, it’s suitable for newbie vapers who aren’t sure what to expect from vaping.

Another alternative to regular vapes is called pods, which are mid-sized. This type of vape has the convenience of the cig-a-like but has more powerful features, such as vaporizing e-liquids, dry herbs, waxes, and oils. They also have an inbuilt atomizer, which you can fill with e-liquid.

You can also choose the large size vapes, called the mods. The large size allows you to enjoy more battery and more vapor. It’s also an excellent way to customize your vaping experience and is usually used by experienced vapers. So, when looking for a device, consider what size you want and go for it.

Vapor production

The vape you choose will determine the amount of vapor you’ll get. If you’re a light smoker, you’ll want a vape that produces little smoke. However, if you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll probably want something with high vapor production.

The amount of vapor produced will depend on factors like the technology used in creating the tank and the atomizer’s resistance level relative to the battery’s output. The components used in the base of the e-liquid, such as vegetable glycerin or propyl glycol, will also affect vapor production. Alternatively, you can use the small-sized vapors for light vapor and mods for heavier vapor.

Choose between a complete and la carte system

Complete systems always come with a disposable atomizer or a replaceable coil, but every other component is found in one place. This makes it very convenient to use, especially for novice smokers who wouldn’t know how to purchase and piece the individual components together.

On the other hand, a la carte system will require you to choose  individual vaping components. If you have the time and skills to do so, you can choose a la carte.

Battery life

Vaping requires electricity, and you should choose a battery size that’ll suit your lifestyle. For example, if you work for eight hours straight and you won’t get a chance to charge your vape device, then consider choosing one with a big battery that can last for that long. However, if you have a flexible schedule and can charge your vape device, you only need a kit with a small battery. It’s basically how long the device can stay without charge.

If you’re a light smoker, you can also choose a device with an average life span if you don’t vape as regularly or as heavily as a heavy vaper. You can also choose between a manual battery and an automatic battery. While the manual battery has a better lifespan, the automatic battery offers more convenience.

Consider where you’ll be vaping

Even though where you vape doesn’t matter, it’s essential to consider your location when choosing a device, especially your work location. If your work environment is physical and involves some risk, then you’ll need a solidly built vape device. However, if your working environment is like an office where your device will be safe, you can use any type of vape kit.


Vaping is one experience that most people live for, which has made it increase in popularity. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking or want to feel the vaping experience, it’s worth trying. However, don’t settle for just any other vape device. Make sure that it fits your lifestyle by using the tips discussed in this article.

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