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May 12, 2022

How to coordinate and advertise a corporate event

There are many ways that businesses try to boost their brand image and that’s extremely important as they’ll need to stand out from the other 5.6 million businesses in the UK. Some examples of what can be done include competitions, discounts and corporate events.

Corporate events are particularly great for this strategy as you can invite potential customers as well as people of great importance who can help promote your business too.

How you coordinate and advertise for such an event comes entirely down to you but we do have some suggestions on what you can do to guarantee a successful event that attracts a lot of attention. Read on to find out more about organising a corporate event.

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Plan early

When you start planning for your event early, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success. With this early start, you’ll have time to do some research to discover what theme or details your guests want.

From here, you can choose a date and inform the guest list early so that they can pencil it into their diaries as early as possible. With this in mind, people will prioritise attending your event instead of making plans elsewhere.

Set a budget

Your budget will dictate the intricate details of the party. Ensure you are realistic with your budget to make sure the event still has a return on investment, remember you’re doing this with the intention of boosting your business.

To decide on your budget, consider the entertainment for the night, venue costs and food and drink cost. Try not to go for the cheaper option here as it may lead to a negative reception by your guests.

Event branding and marketing

Whilst you may have invited a set of people that you wish to become business partners with or receive investment from, there may yet be more businesses or individuals that want to attend but haven’t received an invite. With that in mind, you must market your corporate event properly.

Begin by investing in signage that can be used to promote the event in relevant areas. These can then be reused within the event itself. You may also opt for online marketing or consider posting on social media to increase awareness.

There are roughly 3.96 billion users worldwide, demonstrating just how many people you could reach to promote the event.

Post-event analysis

Now that your event has come to a close, it’s time to reflect. Consider whether or not it was a success and what you would do differently next time. If it was a success, however, take note of what you did and repeat it next time you plan on hosting.

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