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December 11, 2020

How To Create A Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Refurbishing areas of the home is an exciting prospect, and people all over the world are forever keen to give their rooms a lift or a twist.

In fact, home renovations have been more popular than ever in recent times, as many people seek to keep themselves busy during all the lockdowns. After all, there are many folks out there with some free time on their hands now, which means it’s a great opportunity to reorganise the home while the main body of their lives is on pause.

But what should be done when it comes to farmhouse style kitchens? Well, look below at our ideas for some advice and inspiration.

Exposed Materials

Any rustic interior needs some exposed building materials to make the space feel earthy and historic in equal measure.

Interior brick walls and wooden beams spanning the ceiling will add elements of rustic charm in your kitchen. They bring a feeling of exposure and true authenticity, sending a practical vibe pulsating around the room. Of course, interior brick walls are literally exposed to a degree, because they’re achieved mostly by tearing away the plaster surfaces. Make sure you consult a specialist and follow all the proper processes, and everything will go smoothly thereafter.

You might have to cancel out the wooden beams if your kitchen is on the smaller side, but if you have room, be sure to feature them! In the end, exposed building materials really sell the farmhouse style you’re going for, because frankly all farmhouses are outfitted with these features! Once you these areas are down, the rest falls neatly into place thereafter.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are great for all your rustic flooring needs, making an impactful statement upon entry to the kitchen area.

You’ll bring rustic style to your space with the inclusion of reclaimed quarry tiles. Lubelska offers a great range of terracotta flooring options, with a wide range of styles, shapes, and colours available to fit every need you can think of. Their offerings are also great conductors of heat, so if your kitchen is usually a bleak and cold place, this kind of flooring will inject some warmth into the area, both literally and in terms of character too!

It’s easy to overlook the floor when refurbishing the home, but really, it’s the most important piece as it wraps everything else up in a nice little bow. Terracotta tiles will provide a fine finish to your efforts here, so definitely keep them in mind.

Featured Furnishings

Once the ceilings, walls, and flooring are all in check, it’s time to move on to the final furnishing touches.

It can be surprisingly straightforward to reoutfit your kitchen space. After all, a lady in West Lothian, Scotland, managed to turn her kitchen from a ‘council house bleak’ into ‘farmhouse chic’ on £218, so with the right strategy at your disposal, the transformation here can be very affordable. To do this, though, it’s best to budget, be creative, and be certain of what you’re buying before you go shopping.

Aga cookers, pine or oak farmhouse tables, wooden spice and bottle racks, and other things as befitting with the rustic theme should be on glorious display. Frame the windows with fine, floral curtains, and place ornaments and crockery around the room detailing the wildlife of the countryside. You can even do a bit of DIY, making wine racks out of old table legs, for example. The savvier you are, the more costs you’ll cut.

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