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June 10, 2022

How To Help A Loved One Be More Active

Staying active is enormously rewarding. It can also be a joyful experience, enriching people’s lifestyles in many different ways.

Of course, it’s not all about fun factors. It’s no secret that insufficient physical activity levels can cause help problems and worsen existing conditions. Consequently, it’s important that your loved one gets up and moving, lest they start tempting fate.

That said, not everybody is greatly enthused about being more active. Early wake-up calls, fatigue, and restrictive lifestyle conditions can all sober them up to the idea. You may also face wavering levels of commitment in trying to help them too.

How can you make things easier here? Here’s how to make a loved one more active.

Start an Honest Dialogue

There are many reasons people don’t exercise as much as they perhaps should. It’s important to be sensitive to any potential experiences your loved one may have suffered or even continue to suffer.

For example, they could be:

• Ashamed of their body and embarrassed to try and be active.
• Experiencing social anxiety in communal settings like gyms and swimming pools.
• Suffering from debilitating depression that saps their motivation levels.
• Having unrealistic expectations about when they should expect positive results from their activity.

Each circumstance will require a degree of tact on your part as the supportive figure. Though it’s important to impress the importance of physical activity, nobody should be forced kicking and screaming into these circumstances.
Give your loved ones the space to air their concerns. Reassure them that change may take time with their exercise regiment, but each instance of smaller success can be celebrated along the way. Once they feel understood, you may be able to build trust, making it more likely that you can convince them to stay active.

Recommend Healthy Products

It’s important to give your loved one a sense of agency alongside your support. Part of that means building their knowledge and recommended resources that they can use to improve their situation on their own time.

The SUSTAGEN Hospital Formula is high in vitamin D, protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It can boost energy levels and support the health of muscles and bones. The product can be bought at an affordable price, enjoyed chilled or warm, and included in many recipes, including ones for energy bars and pancakes.

Solutions such as these can double down on the enjoyment aspect of staying active and help maintain the lifestyle factors around each exercise session. Many people mistakenly believe they should consume only fruits, vegetables or very little of anything at all, so offering some delicious choices to your loved one’s diet can help things seem more agreeable.

Exercise as a Team

It can be easier for your loved ones to be more active if somebody is around them setting a good example. Why shouldn’t that be you?

Make time in your schedule to be active with your loved one. If possible, organise your bout of exercise around an activity you’re already familiar with. That way, you can offer guidance and instruct your loved one if they’re a newcomer to exercise.

There are many benefits to exercising with other people that should be leaned into more. You can provide support and encouragement, chat and bond mid-activity, and strike up friendly competitions with each other for extra motivation. Staying active can be a more layered, dynamic, and appealing experience for your loved one if your presence is felt.
It might be that your participation can just help your loved one get familiar with a routine. In time, they feel compelled to take the reigns themselves or branch out their exercising interests. Still, if you can introduce them to that world, the lessons learned might be more likely to stick.

Offer a Logical Rationale

You might meet some continued resistance from your loved one. If they’re just being stubborn and have no good reason to reject an exercise schedule, you could mention a few things they’d find challenging to argue against.
Good points that might help you convince them to exercise could be:

• That exercise can be free – Some exercises will require the purchase of equipment. However, it costs nothing to do some laps around their backyard or situps in their bedroom.
• That they could meet new people – If they’re joining clubs or exercising in their local park, they may be able to strike up some new friendships with positive, proactive people.
• That they can learn new skills – Physical activity can be intellectually stimulating as much as it can be physically liberating.

Having new hobbies is always a good thing to broaden one’s sense of fulfilment. In the end, it can be important to make staying physically active not seem like a taxing chore. Instead, present the prospect of being more active to your loved one as an irresistible opportunity. A bulletproof sales pitch might be required, and if all points are irrefutable and working in their favour, they may be more likely to get with the programme.

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