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February 13, 2023

How to keep your caravan feeling brand new

If you are lucky enough to own your own caravan, or you rent it over the spring period, it’s important to make it nice and fresh for when you arrive for your spring breaks.

Cleaning a static caravan is an important part of caravan ownership and whether you’re brand new to statics or a seasoned owner, knowing how to clean your home is essential. It can save you money on hiring a professional and help boost your enjoyment of living in a clean and tidy static caravan that looks as good as new.

Read on to discover our top tips for making sure your caravan is always on its ‘A’ game when it comes to cleaning, whether you’re staying for a long or short break!


It’s really important you keep the outside of your caravan clean. As the UK can see all types of weather conditions, you never know what you’re in for! This just means you have to prep it as best you can for the winter months, where you may not use it as much, and give it the TLC it needs in the summer!

Making sure you keep on top of the caravan roof, awnings, external cladding, windows and decking, all contribute to the longevity of your van. If you treat it well, it will last a long time! So, make sure you are giving everywhere a thorough clean when you are finished for the season, to prepare for the colder months.

Power washing the exterior is always a good idea, as it gets rid of a lot of the muck or grime that could have been sitting there over the winter. It can be a good idea to even varnish your decking, for an added layer of protection. This just means it can be easier to clean, and the wood will stay strong and healthy in all weathers.


Making sure you properly clean the interior is probably the more noticeable side of cleaning your caravan. After using your caravan, you should always be removing any food and cleaning the bins out, just to make sure there is no chance any food will be going off and smelling! It’s also handy to bleach the bathroom before closing up, just to maintain freshness and make sure any limescale has been removed.

More frequent cleaning tasks include:

• Dusting and vacuuming (portable vacuums can work well in smaller spaces)
• Wiping down surfaces such as a kitchen counter or sinks
• Cleaning mirrors and windows with a microfibre glass cloth
Less frequent cleaning tasks include:

• Carpet cleaning
• Window cleaning (from inside)
• Cleaning air vents
• Dusting the ceiling and light fittings

It’s vital to stay on top of all these tasks, just to make sure your caravan is the cleanest it can be, therefore having a more homely feel! If you only visit your static home once or twice a year, it’s important to do all of these tasks after each visit, but if you stay over more frequently throughout the year, the tasks can be more manageable.

We hope this has helped you to keep on top of your caravan maintenance. It’s always good to make sure you keep on top of these jobs, as if you are ever wanting to sell or rent out your caravan, it will be in the best condition possible!

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