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December 14, 2020

How to Perfectly Plan a Kitchen

Whether you’re planning your brand-new kitchen from scratch or you’re looking for ways to renovate your existing space, there are lots of important decisions to be made during the planning process. The kitchen is now seen to be the heart of the home, with most of the daily activity taking place here, so it’s essential that every box is ticked to ensure it’s a room that the whole family can use and enjoy from day to day. There are many different components that go into planning a kitchen space, but as long as you have the following key factors taken into consideration, you’ll be on your way to achieving your dream kitchen space.

Layout Decisions

As the most important factor in planning a kitchen, the layout is something that requires lots and time and consideration. How your kitchen is presented with regards to your cabinetry and positioning of key features will have a huge impact on how easy your kitchen is to use and how much you like being in that space. It’s important to focus on the space and dimensions that you are working with and plan exactly how you think your kitchen will need to be. For example, you may want to include a kitchen island, which is a great addition to include, however you’ll need to consider the space available around where you want your island to be, to ensure there’s plenty of room to use the space efficiently.

Décor Style

Many people know their dream kitchen décor style straight away, but after doing some research and taking inspiration from magazines and so on you can really start to lose sight of exactly what you want and start to become overwhelmed with the options available. With so many gorgeous décor styles out there, it’s beneficial to take keynotes of which colours you want to work with, which accessories you’ll want to include within your kitchen and how you want your kitchen to feel, then you can start to build your overall décor style and create a space that you love.

Lighting Considerations

You often find that the kitchen is a space that gets utilised from morning until night, whether that’s a family breakfast before heading out to work, or perhaps socialising with friends over a glass of wine in the evening, so you want to ensure your kitchen is designed to be utilised at any time of day. This is where the lighting comes in, having the right balance of lighting in your kitchen will ensure your space is versatile and welcoming, creating the right atmosphere for every need. From main lighting fixtures to small lamps, you can introduce different types of lighting to ensure your kitchen is set up properly with the right type of lighting throughout.

Choosing Materials

With so many incredible materials available for use in the kitchen, from granite and marble to oak and steel, you can really bring character and style to space whilst introducing durable materials that will stand the test of time. Your kitchen worktops, flooring and even cabinets require a durable material to ensure they last for many years to come and with the right material choice, you can transform your kitchen space and create a beautiful aesthetic. Think back to your décor styles, as this will help you to identify which materials will be best suited to your kitchen. For example, a country-style kitchen would work best with stunning oak tops, whereas a chic, modern aesthetic would require marble or granite to give that sharp finish.

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