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August 16, 2022

How to Throw a Luxurious Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a great way to socialise with friends and family or celebrate a special occasion. If you’re looking to impress with your next dinner party, these tips will help you add a little touch of luxury to your event.

Do your research

When planning what food to serve at your luxury dinner party, be sure to check any dietary requirements or allergies. Serving vegetarian or vegan guests doesn’t have to cause a headache if you research recipe ideas beforehand.

Think about what kind of food your guests might enjoy and the season and weather. If you’re nervous about cooking for a large group of guests then it’s a good idea to cook a dish you’re familiar with or have a few practice runs before the day itself.

Pick a theme

A theme can turn an everyday dinner party into something extraordinary. Let your guests know about the theme when inviting them so they can arrive appropriately attired and use the theme to decorate your kitchen and dining area. A themed food or drinks menu will tie everything together and make it a truly memorable occasion.

Use the finest tableware

A luxury dinner party means it’s time to set aside any chipped plates or mismatched cutlery and get out your best tableware or invest in some new pieces. Tableware doesn’t have to be expensive to look good, simple white plates and bowls will let your food speak for itself.

Hire a chef

If you don’t fancy spending the evening in the kitchen, nothing says luxury like hiring a professional chef for the occasion. Research private chefs in your area and meet with them beforehand to discuss the kind of dinner party you’d like to create and possible menu options.

Use good cookware

If you’d prefer to do the cooking yourself, it’s essential that you use appropriate cookware for each meal. For instance, use a wok for stir fry instead of a normal frying pan, and use a bamboo rolling mat to make sushi. The right kitchen tools will make the difference between dinner party success and a dinner party faux pas.

Serve a variety of drinks

Having a variety of drinks to serve your guests will make their dinner party experience extra-special. Wine is traditionally served at dinner parties but not everyone enjoys it and many people don’t drink alcohol or might not be able to if they’re pregnant or driving home later. Ensure you have alternatives such as alcohol-free beers, fruit juice or classy mocktails. If you’re not sure what people like, you can ask your guests to bring a bottle, so you only need to provide table wine and sparkling water.


Sometimes you can be so busy planning the dinner party and trying to ensure that the evening runs smoothly that you can forget to enjoy it! Take time to sit back and relax and enjoy the company of your guests. It’s also a good idea to organise some entertainment for after dinner, whether that’s live music or a few games and activities to make sure your guests are having fun.

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