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June 27, 2022

Robiza Wine – launch the first luxury wine token in Europe

After a year and a half of consolidating their wine company Robiza, the owners embark on the cryptocurrency world launching the first luxury wine token in Europe, ROBIZA WINE TOKEN. Designed to improve your lifestyle, the aim is to feel union, fun, and reconnection to magic nature.

The decentralized solution is within the ecosystem of Ibiza lovers, where it is created as a meeting point and dialogue between luxury and wellness, sustainable initiatives, fruitful business interests, and decentralized finance, all within a magical atmosphere. The TOKEN will be the master key to a brilliant ROBIZA PRIVATE CLUB community full of attractive benefits.

The private sale starts now, where ROBIZA WINE TOKEN stores more and more value, so acquiring tokens at the beginning will give you a gain. By filling up the whitepaper will be shared with you the project pitch deck and how to invest and so be part of the project.

The next step is being listed in Binance smart chain for public sale and releasing the digital collection of NFT, which will not leave you indifferent. Being a Robiza Wine Token and NFT holder gives you access to one of the most non-traditional social clubs, a transgressive, modern, and groundbreaking club that maintains the essence of its origins but has evolved, adapting to new trends.

We act in ways to create a more sustainable future by doing business the right way. We’re proud to partner with Ibiza Preservation who share our passion to preserve Ibiza and Formentera nature. Every 5% of the investment it is allocated to philanthropy causes to help preserve the fauna, protect Posidonia meadows, and have plastic-free islands.

Unlike other projects, ROBIZA already has a growing and profitable business, with a loyal customer base, to now launch the token and expand internationally by involving the community in this expansion.

The technical team behind the scenes has a wide professional career in consulting financial technology, blockchain projects, and crypto marketing and communication to make the coin as successful as possible.

Join us in a telegram “ROBIZA WINE TOKEN” and our social media! @robizawinetoken

Check out the whole project and roadmap here

A new YOU starts now!

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