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March 10, 2021

Introducing Lab Tonca – Contemporary herbalism for everyday wellness

Conceived and created over lockdown, Lab Tonica features products that look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

There has never been a better time to tackle sleep, anxiety, lethargy and immunity.

Teas, aromatherapy balms and pillow mists for every moment.

Introducing Lab Tonica

Lab Tonica is a contemporary new range of hand blended botanicals, designed for everyday wellness. Devised, created and launched during the pandemic, Lab Tonica’s inaugural range of products include teas, balms and ‘sleep-mists’.

Aiming to challenge the dusty old stereotypes of herbalism by balancing cutting edge packaging design with all natural ingredients and methods. Lab Tonica features five carefully curated collections: Unplugged, Breathe, POW, Fend and Saucy.

Created for those who value wellness and self-care, the products are the perfect gift or self-purchase for anyone in need of a boost – who wouldn’t want a cup of calming Breathe or a spritz of soothing Unplugged before bed?

All Lab Tonica products are hand-blended and sustainably produced, with even the tea bags and inner bags made from plants and compostable. All ingredients come from SALSA and soil association accredited suppliers.

Says founder Kitty McEntee “Lab Tonica takes herbal products out of the cupboard and onto the cosmetics shelf. As an avid herbal tea drinker, I always noted how twee and old fashioned the widely available products seemed – especially considering the rising prevalence of health and wellbeing within younger generations. Lab Tonica harnesses the magic of nature and century old methods of herbalism, but repackages them for a contemporary eye. We want to bring the power of herbal botanicals to a younger demographic – who need it now more than ever.”

The FIVE Collections are: 1) Unplugged – the sleep collection. 2) Breathe – the calm collection. 3) POW – the energy collection. 4) Fend – the immunity collection. 5) Saucy – the libido collection.

The collections include herbal teas £6.50, aromatherapy balms £12 and pillow mists £10. Gift sets from £18.  Available for purchase at Lab Tonica. Follow @labtonica on Instagram

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