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July 12, 2021

Invest in Warsaw Poland in historical Villa in Konstancin-Jeziorna

A pre-war villa from the 1930s, located in the most beautiful part of Konstancin Jeziorna in zone A, with a beautifully designed, large garden that perfectly fits into the villa area of the Park Zdrojowy.
“Izyhali” is a unique, neo-baroque, four-storey villa with a usable area of 716.60 sqm.

The building has a square plan, covered with a mansard roof with dormers and a balustrade with an attic. The façade is decorated with architectural details, with a repeating arrangement of windows, a wide terrace at the front with a semicircular columned portico. The plot area is as much as 3998 sqm.

Ground floor (196.2 sqm):

– representative hall
– living room
– dining room
– kitchen
– guest toilet

Floor (156.1 sqm):

– master bedroom
– bath room
– boudoir
– dressing room

(It is possible to implement 3 bedrooms at the expense of a smaller wardrobe in the place of the boudoir)

Attic (100.2 sqm):

– living room
– two children bedrooms, each with a separate bathroom and dressing room.
– gym
– massage room
– bathroom
– technical room
– service room

The property and its unique location will delight people who love houses with an interesting history, appreciate the value of its historic elements and the surrounding natural richness. entrepreneurs from Warsaw, Władysław Paschalski. Willa’s name comes from the names of his daughters, Iza and Halina. He was the owner of the neighboring Willa Izyhala, Willa Muszka. While running a thriving business of tobacco machines, Władysław Paschalski decided to secure the future of his daughters and built this unique neo-baroque villa on the same plot, divided today. The garden surrounding the villa was designed in 1927 by the landscape architect Stefan Rogowicz. During World War II, the building housed the Waffenkomando, and after 1945 – a kindergarten. In 1975, the building was rebuilt, adding a semicircular avant-corps on the south side. Currently, the villa is in private hands.


Without a doubt, the most beautiful location of Konstancin Jeziorna right next to the Zdrojowy Park. Count Witold Skórzewski, where we can find, among others, Graduation Tower and Hydrotherapy Center. The whole area is characterized by an extraordinary natural wealth, monumental trees and many rare plant species.

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