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July 27, 2023

Italian elegance: the unique style of men’s jackets

Men’s fashion finds its greatest peak in Italian style, always recognisable and capable of inspiring the four corners of the globe.

Elegant even when he is informal and casual, the Italian man stands out for his innate ability to uniquely combine simple garments with high-quality pieces, carefully crafted in every detail, to create unique and highly personal styles but always elegant and full of charm.

Tight trousers and shirts in often unusual colours often act as a pure complement to the true iconic garment of Made in Italy style, the jacket, around which all the garments and accessories that go to make up the outfit revolve.

Carefully chosen, always trendy and able to fascinate without ever weighing down the look of the modern and active man, the jacket, born to be elegant and formal, can be transformed, especially in its knitted version, into a pivotal element of the more casual chic style.

Men’s fashion: when Italy sets the standard

Italy is known around the world for many things, and fashion, particularly men’s fashion, falls among them. The Wall Street Journal noticed this a decade ago and published a beginner’s guide to Italian men’s style, characterised by ‘tight suits, bare ankles, and bold colour combinations’.

Throughout the years, the Italian man’s interest in fashion and the great attention he pays to the choice of garments, which are often of tailored quality and crafted by the major companies operating in the Made in Italy industry, has certainly not faded.

Walking through the streets of a city like Milan, considered to be among the trendiest and most fashionable in Europe, one cannot fail to be enchanted by the aesthetic taste of the Italian man, easily recognisable by the apparent nonchalance with which he dresses and the confidence that transpires from his attire, always and in any case characterised by an inimitable class.

Perhaps it is precisely because of the confidence that transpires from his movements and gestures, or because of that apparent nonchalance: in any case, the style of the Italian man still manages to set trends today.

The men’s jacket in Italian style

The key element of the Italian style, capable of conveying unusual messages and stylishly transforming even the most relaxed outfit, is the jacket, an ever-trendy garment that should not be missing from the wardrobe of those who wish to dress according to this style.

Perfect both to complete a classic look, paired with formal trousers, and to enrich a casual attire, featuring, for example, a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the jacket must have a perfect fit, suited to the shape of the man wearing it.

Made in Italy is also able to stand out in this, thanks to the incredible quality of its tailoring, made with the finest fabrics and today capable of merging craftsmanship knowledge and skills with modern, state-of-the-art production techniques.

Which jackets to choose

The choice of jacket type is certainly not secondary to quality. Among the most modern and trendy models among Italian men are single-breasted jackets, characterised by a fastening usually consisting of two or three buttons, which allow a small portion of the left flap to be fastened above the right one. These jackets offer an excellent fit on any body type and can also be worn open.

More classic, but no less popular, are the elegant double-breasted jackets, characterised by a crossover at the front with a double row of buttons. Absolutely to be worn buttoned up, they perfectly suit tall and not too sturdy men, as they tend to visually enlarge the chest.

Very popular with the Italian man is also the blazer, more versatile than the traditional jacket and available, like the latter, in various designs, single and double-breasted, but also with several buttons, with or without revers, with simple or buttoned sleeves, and so on.

The versatile uniqueness of the knitted blazer

Those who are looking for the utmost comfort and wish to enrich their wardrobe with garments boasting an Italian flair and an extremely versatile character can focus on the knitted blazer. As a matter of fact, knitted blazers can be matched and worn in a wide variety of ways and are also perfect for more informal occasions, such as a night out with friends or a Sunday at the golf club.

Among the top garments are those designed by Lardini, a company founded in the 1970s and now known and appreciated worldwide for the high quality, uniqueness, and elegance of its garments, as well as for its ability to interpret the changes in society, which today is increasingly pointing towards the search for individual identity.

The knitted blazers of the new season recall the colours of the sky and sand, drawing inspiration from the magical and dreamlike atmospheres of the Sahara Desert, while the shapes and fabrics are developed in an original blend of past and modern, giving life to garments with slender lines and a minimalist character, but rich in unique and precious details.

Knitted blazers: trendy models

Among the must-haves for lovers of Italian style is the knitted blazers with two-button fastening, with its soft lines and slim silhouette, features enhanced by the absence of side slits. In dark blue to complete a golf outfit or to add a touch of extreme class to an essential outfit, or in beige to embellish a layered outfit, the knitted blazer can also be worn open.

Double-breasted lovers can also go for knitted blazers, made of fine linen and cotton yarn worked in jacquard stitch. Brown or blue, it is a garment with a modern and sophisticated character, also thanks to its fine peaked lapels and patch pockets.

Those who prefer jackets with an ever-elegant cut, but more contemporary and suitable for every occasion, can opt for cotton crepe models with five or more buttons and patch pockets, with or without flaps. These models are available in very trendsetting and delicate colours, from sunset pink to sky blue.

Italian style: when to wear the jacket

Italian men’s fashion involves the use of the jacket in every situation, be it formal or informal. Elegance, along with the desire to always be neat and to be noticed, is not limited to a few well-defined occasions, but extends to every sphere of life; at work, with the family, with friends or when playing a sport, the Italian man is always trendy, charming, and self-confident.

In all situations, that extra touch can be provided to the outfit precisely by this iconic garment, which must however be matched in the appropriate way. In fact, although the jacket is the core of a man’s look, the entire outfit must be tailored down to the smallest detail to convey uniqueness and style.

This is how Italian elegance is born, that style made up of combinations that are only apparently casual, but which on closer inspection are actually created through a careful selection of garments, always chosen from among those of the highest quality, rich in unique and refined details.

How to match the jacket to the occasion

Here are some tips on how to choose a jacket according to the occasion to effortlessly follow the most elegant and trendy Italian style:

• Business dinner: this is a formal context that allows you to opt for a classic look, consisting of a double-breasted jacket and blue trousers, a light blue or white shirt, also with small stripes, a matching tie and brown leather shoes. Those who wish to add an extra touch of personality can opt for blue soft-cut knitted jacket, light-coloured shirt and trousers, shoes to match the jacket and a striped tie;
• Date night: to convey charm, it is possible to wear a beige single-breasted knitted jacket, to be kept open, paired with cream trousers and a matching shirt;
• Ceremony: as for the business dinner, also in this case you can opt for a classic suit, but playing with light colours, such as grey, or pastels, such as light blue or, for those who like to be bold, pink;
• Night out with friends: informal occasions are the ones that offer the greatest possibilities for personalisation for those who choose to rely on Italian elegance. In these occasions, it is better to go for a relaxed fit blazer, which can be matched with a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of comfortable and trainers;
• City walk: another informal context that puts no limits on fantasy and allows you to give your best, customising your attire to the maximum. For a city walk, for example, you can opt for a green knitted blazer with cream turtleneck and sporty trousers.

How to choose the right jacket for a flawless Italian Style

The Italian man never goes wrong when it comes to the choice of the jacket to wear and it is for this reason that, even when he dares unusual combinations, he always looks perfect and elegant.

The rules for not making mistakes are actually not many and can be followed by anyone without too much effort.

First of all, it is important to choose a jacket whose length is appropriate to one’s height; the most modern trends want the garment to fall softly and exceed the hips by a few centimetres. To be worn open or closed, if the jacket has the right length, it will always look elegant and balance the figure.

In addition to the length of the jacket, great attention should also be paid to the size of the shoulders, which should be flat and not exceed the armhole. This is the only way to be sure of a perfect look, without wrinkles or unaesthetic bulges at sleeve height or in the back.

It is also important to make sure that the garment fastens comfortably, without creating creases and without stretching downwards, but also without being too loose. In the case of single-breasted jackets, it is important to remember to always keep the last button unfastened.

As far as sleeves are concerned, it is important to check that they are neither too short nor too long. If you are wearing a shirt, no more than one centimetre of cuff should remain visible, but if you opt for a more informal style, go for sleeves that fall slightly on the back of the hand, but without exaggeration.

Where to buy garments to flaunt an Italian style

Those who want to dress Italian men to look elegant in every context can purchase the garments they need to enrich their wardrobe from either physical shops or online.

Of course, it is very important to pay attention to the quality and craftsmanship of the garments, which must be made from high-quality fabrics and with attention to the smallest details. From collars to buttons, from seams to lapels, every smallest element can make a difference and totally transform an outfit.

To play it safe, it is recommended to turn to companies known for the quality of their production, even better if they operate in the Made in Italy sector.

Thanks to the Internet, even those who do not have the possibility of physically reaching the shops they are interested in, can purchase sartorial quality garments of great value.

In this case, not having the possibility to try on jackets and other garments before purchasing, it is very important to carefully read the descriptions provided, assess the cut of the garment and the type of fabric used to produce it, carefully observe the available photographs and, last but not least, pay attention to the size chart, which provides a great help in purchasing the right size garment even without trying it on.


Italian men’s fashion is known all over the world for its elegance and refinement; the style of the Italian man is determined by the high quality of the garments worn and by a careful choice, which allows the outfit to be embellished and personalised with high-class details, sometimes unusual, but always perfect.

Essential garments suitable for every occasion, jackets and blazers give that extra touch that can transform an outfit and make it even more seductive and unique.

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