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March 1, 2022

Jet Set in Style with Propress Steamers

For over 40 years Propress has been making sure top designers’ clothes are runway ready, and now you can be too.

Whether it be work or a holiday, staying away from home and not having your usual household amenities can be stressful. But whether you’re destined for the beach or the boardroom, Propress’ latest handheld steamer will make sure you look the part.

Is there anything more frustrating than arriving in your hotel room just ahead of a work event and realising there isn’t an iron? Calling down to the concierge and requesting one, staring at your watch as the minutes tick away. It’s not just a hassle, it’s going to make you late – and it certainly won’t be fashionable!

So why not swap the stress for steam? The Propress MINI Handheld Clothes Steamer puts Propress’ 40 years of expertise at your fingertips. Priced at around £110 and taking just 45 seconds to heat up, the portable steamer is perfect for shirts, suits and even the most delicate silk. At the touch of a button, you can remove creases and freshen fabrics in a matter of seconds.

With the Propress MINI you can ensure that you’re always looking professional. With a unique hot plate that allows you to press and steam at the same time, wrestling with those confusing hotel trouser presses can now be a thing of the past! Its simple design and ease of use will mean you can walk into the conference with minutes to spare, looking smart and feeling even smarter!

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