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June 14, 2022

Jo Hansford Hair dressing – experts in styling, balayage and extensions

Hair. It’s a scary subject, isn’t it? Especially for women. We take such pride in our hair – what products we use on it, avoiding too much heat, forever trying to remember to book salon visits and when we see those greys pop through for the first time, hair hell lets loose. This year, hair-wise has been a tough one for me. After catching COVID last year, I thought I had got away with it lightly due to trying to keep as fit and healthy as I possibly could. I had no long-covid symptoms and was bed-bound for a mere few days but the worse part of the virus for me was losing a significant amount of hair. Every wash, I would look down in my shower and see clumps trying to force their way down the plug hole! After worrying slightly about the thinning of my hair, I avoided haircuts as I simply didn’t want to lose anymore. However, after being invited to review the salon belonging to the hair queen herself, Jo Hansford, how could I turn down the opportunity?

Set the scene; It’s a beautiful sunny, June day, you’re heading into London (out of peak time hours so avoiding the commuter rush), you’re wearing an across-body bag leaving both hands free to browse through Harvey Nichols and when you reach the 4th floor, you have amazing colour and cut experience booked at the newly opened Jo Hansford Salon.

Jo Hansford, Knightsbridge is housed on the 4th Floor of the UK’s premier luxury fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols. This beautiful space spans over 3000 square feet and is home to many of London’s most talented colourists and stylists.

Originally celebrated for outstanding colour services (which is the founder’s expertise), Jo Hansford in Mayfair delivers a wealth of world-class hair services with the most ingenious of touches. Whether you’re dropping in for a morning colour appointment or need a last-minute blow dry during the lunchtime buzz, please believe me when I say – whoever you’re booked in with, you’re in the best of hands.

Upon my arrival at the Salon, I was greeted by a beautiful, smiling face who checked me in and turned out to be a colourist, Jade. Before Jade took me through to my seat to begin my consultation, my attention was stolen by the incredible mural being painted onto the wall beside the reception. Contemporary British female artist, Charlotte Posner was collaborating with Jo Hansford to create some bespoke art pieces for her newest salon, which were beautifully displayed throughout and in the relaxation and wash basin room. Charlotte’s signature art style is distinguishable by its expression of shape and form, colour and confidence. Although working in a variety of media, it is traditional dip-pen and ink with acrylic and watercolour that she has become most noted for. (Please pop up to see the beautiful mural even if you do not have an appointment booked in).

Walking through the salon, although busy, I was hit immediately by a sense of calm. The lighting was gentle, the team beautifully and oh so smartly presented and the general interior was truly, oozing luxury.

Taking my seat, Jade presented me with a very generous glass of rosé and talked me through the best option on how to colour my hair, after asking me a series of questions about my lifestyle, how I usually wear my hair and if I had any specific colour references, I had seen that I liked. Leaving it in Jade’s hands and after the colour had been applied and left to develop, we headed through to the relaxation and wash basin room. Here, is where I could spend all day and within two minutes, I had gone from speaking 1000 words a minute to total silence. My eyes were closed, and I was high in the heavens whilst Jade gave me an award-worthy head massage that I didn’t want to ever finish.

As hard as it was to leave my wash seat, I entered back into the main salon to meet with a very lovely gentleman named Pasquale. Pasquale was from Italy, loved driving his moped to London every day to work and tried his absolute best to convince me to let him totally restyle my hair into a ‘floating bob’, where my hair will gently dust my shoulders. After informing him I was slightly scissor-scared, we came to a mutual agreement of not mentioning how many inches were going to be cut off but for it to be longer that the ‘floating bob’ and for some layers to be included, to give it a new look.

An hour later, with zero dead ends, a gorgeous, rich and glossy all-over chocolate brown tint and enough volume in my hair to last a week, I was ready, yet slightly downhearted about leaving this wonderful salon and the people who made my experience so amazing.

Talent isn’t the only thing needed to be a successful stylist, understanding, patience and vision are equally as important, and Jade and Pasquale have all of these, in abundance.

A: Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7FJ
T: 020 7112 1493
W: Jo Hansford Harvey Nichols

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Written by Amber Lauren for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

Instagram / #Luxurialife