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February 14, 2022

JunBugg Integrates Luxury and AI into Social Network for Amazing Fitness Results

A premium, luxury fitness social network that offers best in class, boutique fitness solutions for a higher quality of life.

(Beverly Hills, Ca) — As the “Louis Vuitton” of the fitness industry, JunBugg is a premium luxury fitness social network and lifestyle brand, being the first of its kind to offer distinct fitness solutions.

JunBugg uses its NextGen platform that integrates algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to promote quality of life. It positions itself uniquely from other training programs by using the somatotype human body-type classification system, that makeup the endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

Through social engagement, members of similar health conditions and body-types share fitness solutions to get fit. “This is the same concept that has allowed humankind to progress — learn from someone that has already achieved what you want to do. This is an amazing way of empowering people,” said Louis Green the founder of JunBugg.

By allowing members to socialize about undiagnosed symptoms at an early stage, JunBugg feels, through preventive healthcare, this will allow better management of rare diseases, which many people possess, such as — psoriasis, Kim Kardashian; fibromyalgia, Lady Gaga; epileptic seizures, Lil Wayne.

JunBugg created a new market that targets health-conscious — GenZ and Millennial consumers, who desire a better body, higher quality lifestyle, and status. These luxury consumers don’t think of health and wellness as just a trend and want the best of the best. To enhance elite fitness that helps one achieve prosperity, JunBugg is adding an exclusive, direct-to-consumers DNA test service, for members to get health assessment reports, for preventive healthcare and refined training. This can lead to better health, fitness wealth, and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life.

While looking their best in fashion, engaging with their favorite luxury brands, health assessments reports allow members to keep their body fine-tuned. Reports determine predisposition of disease to — reduce health risks, prevent illnesses, disease, or other health problems. They also allow members to see their body’s sensitivity to macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, and saturated fats.

JunBugg’s NextGen Search Database allows members to customize searches for members that better match their genetic makeup, such as — body-type, age, gender, and ethnicity. There are over 50 searchable attributes that members can perform searches on, to get personalized training solutions.

Also, JunBugg has a similar algorithm as Netflix and Amazon where it recognizes patterns of successful fitness solutions and recommends them to newsfeeds for a more curated fitness approach.

For more information about JunBugg fitness offerings, visit — JunBugg

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