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April 18, 2022

K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. – Creating Beautiful Spaces for Luxury Living

The rich culture of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creative energy for architects and designers. Its landscape has become a point of intersection of different traditions and modern trends, absorbing the best of them. This generous backdrop has been the ideal basis for the emergence of a large number of talented designers and companies able to make a significant contribution to the industry and offer their exquisite approach to design. One of the most prominent representatives of this market is K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd., multiple winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021 in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand.

K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. offers its customers a wide range of services related to architecture and interior design. The team of professional and sophisticated interior designers and decorators with more than 20 years of experience specializes in the development and implementation of projects for high-end homes and apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Since the foundation of K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. has been improving the quality of services and extending the range of competencies in order to offer only advanced and exceptional solutions to their clients.

When working on each project, the specialists of K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. focus on the essence of the interior space, taking into account how it can be most convenient and useful to future residents and the people who will use it. The tastes and preferences of the clients also determine the style in which space will be designed. But whatever style the client chooses, K.R.Decorate Co., Ltd. will provide the beauty and sublime aesthetics of the interiors and their decor. In addition, the design of residential architecture is always done with many factors in mind, including the movement of the sun and the direction of natural light within the rooms and how wind and rain affect the soil area.

The projects of K.R.Decorate Co., Ltd. have won various professional awards. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts also appreciated one of the company’s projects. Careful research has led to ‘Private Residence Mr. Thanid Chaikulngamdee’, one of the company’s recent works, naming it the winner in the category of Best Luxury Residential Interior Design in Thailand. The property is a 350-square-meter, three-story house. The house is located in the city reserve, Phana Pattana Road, Thailand Travel Road. Mr. Thanid is a businessman who chose the location of his new property close to his factory to host his VIP partners, friends, and colleagues.

The private residence boasts one living room, a recreation room, one guest room, three bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a pantry. The living room is the most heavily used, as videoconferencing equipment is installed here for daily office communication and online work. Guests and friends of the homeowner can enjoy the area in the back of the house.

The interior is dominated by smooth decoration, emphasizing geometric shapes, to which more curves are added. The designers used glossy material with a craft-like texture that blends perfectly with the combination of materials such as matte and glossy tiles, rose gold stainless steel, and matte paint for furniture. The combination of marble, matching the furniture, and wallpaper with a craft-like texture complete the overall style of the residence, which the designers describe as “simply east luxury style.”

With the addition of a decorative wall, designers from K.R. Decorate Co., Ltd. emphasized the connection between the exterior and the interior. When choosing materials for the décor, one of the important factors was their eco-friendliness. Therefore, recycled wood and odor-free spray paint were used.

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