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July 5, 2021

Are you creating your future? Or is your future creating you?

What do CEOs and young people have in common and need to create the future?

According to a global survey conducted by IBM with 1500 top executives in 60 countries, to thrive in the future the answer is – creativity. Research by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, an organisation that brought together 250 researchers from 60 institutions, to thrive in the future the answer again is – creativity.

Most of us think we are ‘not creative’ or that we don’t have time for our creativity as it is not essential or important. This old thinking is faulty and dated.

Many schools of thought believe that our education systems not only do not teach creativity, but also actively knock it out of us. With art and sport being removed from our curriculums, or kids being told to ‘stop daydreaming’, it is not hard to imagine how so many Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers feel that creativity is out of reach.

The problem is that we still have no real concrete process or educational methodology for ‘training’ people to be more creative.

Or do we?…

Bodhi Eira Jones has been working with CEOs, inventors, sports people and artists for over 15 years in a practice called KaiFlow. Unique in its technique of undoing and unlearning, built outside of the traditional ways of learning and measures of success / failure, KaiFlow breaks binaries to unleash dormant potential.

Who has benefited from KaiFlow?

Sandy Chen, CEO and co-founder of Graphene Composites, Chair of the audit committee on the Board of Unity Trust Bank, former financial analyst – and KaiFlow client.

At Graphene Composites (GC), Sandy leads a team that has developed a COVID-killing GC Ink – a formulation that neutralises 100% of coronavirus in less than one minute. KaiFlow helped to move Sandy from fear to purpose; he is now clear and unstoppable in his commitment to save lives.

Renaissance Thinkers become Renaissance Inventors and Activists in KaiFlow. They join more dots. KaiFlow increases creativity and productivity by 300-500% – in less time, with effortless ease.

Prior to GC, Sandy had been a leading financial analyst for nearly 30 years, including being known as the analyst who predicted the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-2010. Unity Trust Bank is the UK’s leading social impact bank.

Bodhi observed that Sandy’s Guiding Principle – “iron spirit of protection” –, a deep and powerful context created and connected to through KaiFlow, informs everything Sandy does. All of Sandy’s projects come from a deep context and commitment to protecting people. Moving from the fear of needing to protect the self to the commitment to protecting all people, that purpose has spread out to protecting life through inventing COVID-killing inks, better bullet-proof armour to protect children in schools and better ways to produce renewable energy – all from the same context.

Bodhi started to notice a unique happening with some of KaiFlow’s financial services clients, CEO’s, financial analysts, investment bankers and economists. The shift within KaiFlow when opening up creativity not only had them reconnecting to a part of themselves that had been shut off over time, but also started to make them more purposeful, innovative and inspiringly creative in their day jobs.

Vikram Seth, a long-standing KaiFlow player contacted Bodhi immediately after going into lockdown – ‘What can I do to make a difference?’ He got to work on a currency system that drives social impact, the development of an anti-racist charter for Shell, teaching Bounce Bhangra on BBC and is now researching seaweed farming and a whole eco-system business.

From COVID-killing inks to a social impact currency and seaweed farming… What links it all?

The KaiFlow experiences are the product of years of working in flow states with artists, inventors and entrepreneurs, and the changes in standard brain function when they are immersed in their activity.

In a unique practice of unlayering, undoing and unlearning you get connected to your deepest purpose – the Kai in KaiFlow. Then the Flow of KaiFlow, the state of our brainwaves shifts from the fast-moving beta wave of normal waking consciousness down to the far slower borderline between alpha and theta waves. In this state – with a meaningful context, such as Sandy’s “iron spirit of protection”, creativity and purposeful innovation happens effortlessly.

We have no idea of what the problems and challenges of the future will be. The future is moving so fast that the most empowering approach is coming back to creativity instead of pre-empting solutions when there is no way of knowing the nature of a future problem.

Elevating cross-cultural connection, deeper collaboration, greater organisational flexibility and the ability to navigate the unknown, KaiFlow has been going for 15 years, working in deep connection with chosen clients, players and teams.

They are looking for CEOs, financial analysts, investment bankers and economists to create future leadership with organisational teams aligned and committed to totally reshaping their industry. With more of our CEO’s taking care of their teams in practices like KaiFlow, what is possible for the future?

Bodhi surfs, is a chanting Buddhist and a minimalist who says their work is just getting started. Bodhi says the game starts in the smaller moments. That whisper that comes when you get really quiet and truly listen. What if?…. and why not? And if not now, then when?

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