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March 31, 2021

Kromo – New Sustainable Menswear Label Tackling The Plastic in Our Ocean

Kromo Menswear is the newly launched sustainable fashion label based in London and founded by the designers passion in cleaning up our plastic polluted oceans. Kromo’s mission is to diminish global warming by reducing the fashion industry’s carbon-footprint as they currently contribute “8.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions” and that should be changed!

New sustainable menswear brand Kromo has just launched their eco-friendly garments available on their website.
The founder & designer of Kromo; Miguel Munoz created the brand because of his great passion for sustainability & living a greener lifestyle.

From garment creation, packaging, water use and material type Miguel has incorporated sustainability into every aspect of his menswear label.

As much as “20% to 35% of all primary source microplastics in the marine environment are from synthetic clothing..” This is the main reason why Miguel Munoz launched Kromo Menswear with the mission to support the efforts of cleaning up our oceans. Kromo’s aim is to produce eco-friendly clothing which is durable and ultimately reduces the waste we contribute to oceans and the world entirely.

The label has just released their first collection – designed out of two sustainable fabrics and showcasing a range of different sleek & simplistic garments such as branded t-shirts, vests and shorts. This first collection integrates functionality and comfort into a fresh and vibrant style that defines the Kromo brand. The label is also supporting the sustainable movement by donating £1 from every purchase to Surfers Against Sewage, a charity dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of Kromo’s focus, I want to be able to better our world for the generations to come through fashion and reduce the waste we contribute to our environment” – Miguel Munoz, sustainable designer & founder of Kromo

The fabrics used are of very high quality and well-made, known for their durability, light feel and eco-friendly characteristics. Their t-shirts and vests are 96% bamboo and their swimwear line and shorts incorporate a branded fibre called ECONYL® which is 100% regenerated nylon made of old and abandoned fishnets extracted from the oceans and other nylon waste.

One of their most treasured pieces out of the collection are the Brazilian inspired swim briefs, these type of briefs are typically worn by many locals on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema; flat in the front, tight around the leg and loose around the waist – perfect for sunbathing or swimming.

Not only are the products made from very eco-friendly materials – the way these fabrics are made is also ethical by reusing the water during the manufacturing process and by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Kromo’s clothes are designed and produced in London and they have partnered with a local manufacturer that follows strict ethical standards. Such as keeping fabric waste to a minimum and paying their team a competitive fair wage for their hard work. They also only source sustainable fabrics that are knitted/woven in the UK and Europe and carry a fair trade certification.

Even down to the packaging, Miguel has incorporated sustainability wherever possible – The garments are wrapped in paper instead of plastic and secured with a recycled paper sticker. The external packaging is made of a combination of PBAT, a bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials like cornstarch that allow these mailer bags to break down in only 180 days in a domestic compost. The bags are certified by TUV Austria; meeting American, European and International standards.

Find the Kromo Menswear website here

His efforts don’t stop there, soon Miguel & Kromo will host a beach clean to support the efforts in cleaning up our oceans and removing plastic from our natural environments. The brand will also be continuing to create events and host advocacy opportunities for anyone interested in cleaning up our world.

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