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October 23, 2023

Lavish Living: Adding Luxury to Your Living Room

The living room is a place to unwind: a place to talk, watch our favourite programmes and host friends and family. We laugh, talk, and sit together in silence there. So the comfort of your living room is central in importance.

It is also a fun part of the house to decorate and accessorise with new items. If you’d like to add a taste of luxury to this space, there are a few ways you can do it!


A lighting fixture that’s well-made and has a touch of art about it can instantly make any living room feel luxurious. Chandeliers, pendant lights and strikingly designed table lamps can instantly light up the room with luxury.

It’s not just about the fixture itself; it’s also about the type of light it casts across your room. Lightbulbs with gentler, warm lights are much better for feeling relaxed, as well as giving a luxurious glow.


A statement piece of furniture gives your room a focal point. This could be a jaw-dropping antique table or sideboard. Equally, it could be a sleek, curved sofa with a modern twist.

A coffee table in an unusual geometric shape or with a smooth marble top is another way to achieve this effect.


Perhaps the interior design style best known for its luxurious undertones is minimalism. This began as an art movement in New York City in the 1960s, as well as an interior design in postwar Scandinavia.

Incorporating this into your living room will make it an airy, stress-releasing haven that looks just as exquisite as it feels. Limit the colour scheme to whites, creams and soft greys, with a few small aspects of black thrown in.

Keep lines clean and smooth, so that all your furniture looks harmonious.

For a Scandi touch, embrace materials from the natural world, like wood and of course, houseplants.


Have you noticed that luxury living rooms always feel calm? Most of us instinctively know that colour has a large role in evoking certain moods, so careful thought should be given to the colours that grace your living room.

You can’t go wrong with neutral, understated tones. There’s nothing wrong if you want to add a splash of colour to it though, as long as you’re fairly conservative about it. Introduce cushions in friendly, natural colours like forest green or mustard yellow. A lampshade or two in the same scheme could also look great.


Choosing a piece of artwork for your living room will set it apart from all the other rooms in your house. Don’t be afraid to go for a large piece; this can make the whole space look like a gallery, especially if it is the main colourful feature dominating the space.

Artwork makes it look like you’ve exerted a certain level of expertise when planning the room’s design. It gives the eye something to focus on when you are relaxing, ushering in a sense of escapism.

Sometimes a living room benefits from a full overhaul to make it look sleek and tasteful; other times, all you really need to do is add one or two new features.

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