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July 8, 2020

Lazaro Fragrances – Now in Egypt

In an epitome world, a signature scent becomes an intimate scent, one that carries with it nostalgia and reminiscence of loved ones. A fragrance can linger on wardrobes, in apartments and in the air.

With that in mind the well-established Spanish brand, Lazaro, has launched a new line of fragrances that is dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa regions. Four signature fragrances that intertwine certain memories and flashes of the Andalusian period, each a different scent to satisfy the diverse preferences of its users and that will no question add value, sense, and taste to their lives.

Preference is often rooted in familiarity, so if you cannot get used to the scent of Oud at first, that is totally understandable. It is probably because you have never worn one before and not that you do not like it. Oud can be fragrant and takes time to get used to. It is like your nose is learning to yet comprehend the Middle Eastern aromatic scents mixed with the dessert’s most precious aromas.

The Perfumes come in a luxurious gold flamboyant packaging,

The MENA line carries four perfumes. Here is a guide to better understand which one suits you the best:


Is an oriental perfume with hints of berries, orange, and vanilla mixed with amber and woody sandal, creating a perfectly mesmerizing scent. It is a unisex scent, suitable for a long day out as it is known to be long-lasting. It is as delicate and captivatingly ethereal as it might sound.


The Lunar is more of a citrusy perfume, with traces of orange and bergamot to complement its floral scents, not to mention its woody cedar base. The fabulous combination of cedar and saffron will make you stand out no matter the occasion, whether to an important business meeting or a morning date. The agarwood and citric fruits mix make it absolutely appropriate for both sexes.


The name itself is an indication of how extremely Eastern and mesmerizing it is. Its woody fragrance is a result of mixing both white Oud and musk to basil, an unexpected ingredient to say the least. If you are into stronger or daring fragrances, then this one is definitely for you. Just like the Legado and Lunar fragrances, the Oud also works as a unisex perfume.


Think of Florita as a young woman standing in the middle of a flower garden, wearing a pink dress and looking as light and radiant as can be. This scent is the softest and feminine among the line. With rosewood, patchouli, and basil elements this scent exudes only charm and magnificence. The wood flowers come all the way from Bali and are mixed with a green apple scent that helps you relax in the heat of the summer.

“We are trying to give people a chance to open their senses by smelling new and creative smells.” – a note from the brand. The range of products is there to help you find you the fragrance that expresses YOU the most.

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Written by Omnia Kandil for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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