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February 7, 2022

Let your dreams take flight with Federal Airlines

In the 1990’s, Federal Airlines innovated the services of doing guest shuttles to some of Africa’s most stunning luxury safari lodges. Federal Airlines is one of the most multi-faceted aviation companies in South Africa. They have since partnered with world leaders in luxury safari experiences as part of their commitment to raise the bar in bespoke aviation. As a result, they have become renowned for delivering a unique and seamless travel experience unparalleled on the market.

When we arrived at the O.R. Tambo International Airport we were shuttled to Federal Airlines by bus, with the driver, Ben. He arrived promptly and was very professional and friendly. He engaged by means of good conversation which made the ride very pleasant.

As we approached the airlines, we were amazed at the refreshing fountain feature surrounded by greenery that brought a calmness to the atmosphere. The check-in process was smooth and easy and all COVID protocols and regulations were followed.

When we entered the lounge area, we were blown away, it was an oasis of peace and tranquillity situated outside under the warm African sun exclusively for Federal Airline guests.

They also had washroom and shower facilities as well as a safari boutique for those last-minute gifts.

With the lounge being built and decorated in the true luxury safari lodge style, it made us feel as though our holiday had already begun. Having access to the Wi-Fi made it the perfect time for social media posts. We were spoiled with complimentary refreshments and hot beverages by the friendly hospitality staff member, Simmy. She took care of all of our needs, making sure we had enough warm cappuccinos while we waited to board the flight.

Our adventure started as we passed through the boarding gate, setting foot onto the tarmac. We were accompanied by a ground staff member and welcomed by our two friendly pilots. My jaw literally dropped to the floor when I saw our aircraft. We had a smooth takeoff and the feeling of a dream come true, seeing lasting beauty, rolling landscapes and lush vegetation. Such luxury, elegance and sophisticated style. We had a superb flight, or rather glide, while sipping on cold beverages and enjoying the views from the windows of the aircraft. There is just nothing like seeing the beautiful African lands from thousands of feet in the air. Touching down with the perfect landing, thanks to the highly qualified and experienced pilots.

We arrived directly at the lodge and were personally collected by the game ranger from the runway.

You were made to soar, now fly away with Federal Airlines.

I’d like to personally thank Ker & Downey Africa for making the journey for my South African trip easy, the organisation from start to finish was just perfect.

Written by Karin da Silva for Luxuria Lifestyle South Africa

Instagram / #Luxurialife