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June 13, 2023

Live-Streaming Opens the Door to New Experiences

The concept of live-streaming has helped us to enjoy home cinema and TV shows in a new way, but that’s not the only reason for trying it. There are several other uses for live streaming that you might want to explore when you feel like experiencing something new.

Play Live Dealer Casino Games

Stepping into a classy casino and buying a pile of chips is a unique feeling, but live-streaming technology now brings us an experience that is as close to this as you could hope for. That’s because live dealer casino games are played in an elegant setting, where a human dealer spins the wheel, throws the dice, and gets the game going.

In the case of the Paddy Power Casino, we can see a range of different ways of playing. The Quantum Roulette title gives us a good idea of how it works, with a smartly-dressed dealer sitting in front of a real-life wheel and the betting grid shown around the screen. Other games include blackjack, baccarat, and game show-type affairs with colourful spinning wheels.

Check Out Your Next Hotel

Choosing the perfect hotel is easier to do now that we can check out details and reviews online, but nothing beats being there in person to see what it’s really like. This is where live-streaming is incredibly useful, as you can check out a webcam to see the views and get a feel for what these places are really like.

An example can be seen with the Hilton Los Cabos resort in Mexico. You can see different views from around the complex, giving you a glimpse of life by the pool on the beach, or elsewhere. Another option is to look for travel influencers about to live stream a video from a destination you’re interested in.

Get a 3D Tour of Your New House

Buying a new house is likely to be one of your biggest financial decisions of the year, yet finding time to properly visit the property before signing the contract might be a problem. In this case, you could look for different viewing methods such as a 3D virtual tour.

This introduction to the subject from the Liv website explains how Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live are among the most popular platforms for doing this. It’s a trend that we can expect to see increasing as immersive technology and the metaverse make it feel ever closer to the real thing.

Buy Anything You Want

The launch of e-commerce live streams has been a massive success in some parts of the world, like China, but has yet to reach its full potential in others. One of the interesting aspects of this method of e-commerce is that research shows that consumers tend to spend more than using other methods. Factors such as scarcity perception and price persuasion are the main reasons for this, with vendors often using influencers or celebrities to boost their live shows.

All these different ways of live streaming have been proven to be successful for businesses and popular with consumers, so they’re worth bearing in mind the next time you’re looking for entertainment or just want to check out the latest technology.

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