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September 5, 2022

Lucie App – Lie down and Listen

“Key to the new wellness frontier” HTSI, Financial Times.

As concert halls announce their new seasons, the Lucie wellness, health and beauty app announces a pioneering collaboration with Lie down and Listen – a meditation, sound healing and classical music experience designed to inspire creativity and deep rest, while re inventing the way we experience classical music.

“Swathed in blankets at her Cotswolds studio I lie back and she plays…the sound is mesmerising; the 90-minute session vanishes. …I’m certainly moved and utterly blissed out.” How to Spend It, Financial Times

Founder and Classical Pianist Christina McMaster felt the outdated rituals of classical concert halls led to a disconnected listening experience. She wanted people to feel connected to within. She was inspired by the downtown New York lying down concerts of the 1960’s and her scientific collaboration at KCL after her chance meeting with Prof. Sir John Strang.

Each 90mins experience is a new artistic creation performed by Christina – a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, who has performed at leading concert halls, for Royalty, collaborated with numerous artists and fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton and played on BBC Radio 4 Front Row, R3, Classic FM etc.

Christina ensures absolute comfort providing sheep skin covered mattresses, eye masks, weighted blankets, scented candles and a Steinway piano when required. She combines a deeply restful ritual of meditation, Tibetan bowls (placed on the body to shift vibrations) and a lying down classical piano concert.

Global Ambassador of REN Clean Skincare David Delport is also a Lie down and Listen home treatment fan:

“I’ve experienced many treatment modalities and this left me feeling more grounded than I’ve been in years. Deep meditation, blissful relaxation and brilliant musical technicality – Christina has produced something truly unique. A true frontier in healing.”

Lucie App X Lie down and Listen: One to one and group experiences – at home.

Duration: 90mins
Cost: £895*
Availability: The Cotswolds, London and worldwide on request.

*Piano hire can be arranged by Lie down and Listen at an additional charge.

All beds, blankets, cushions, eye masks, scents etc. are provided

W: Christina McMaster
W: Lie Down and Listen
W: Lucie App

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