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August 19, 2020

LUX5FOLD – The most Luxurious Alcohol-free 24K Gold Sparkling in the world

After several years of research and development, Spanish businessmen bring to the market the first alcohol-free sparkling luxury with components that have qualities and properties for health with edible 24k gold powder, inspired by Mother Nature…  LUX5FOLD.

Featuring three exciting varieties – Platinum, Goldium and Argentum. They are all smooth and fruity with 100% Halal certification and are featured at the most exclusive events in the world, providing elegance, luxury and exclusivity.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are carefully selected to achieve the quality requested by the most discerning palates.

The magnificent sparkling luxury is presented in specially sourced and exclusively designed bottles adorned with a 24k gold plated collar and a label that perfectly depicts that luxury is also appreciated both inside and outside of the bottle equally.

More and more of us are eating and drinking with care, taking health and wellbeing into careful consideration and LUX5FOLD invites us to live a special and unforgettable experience preserving and enhancing our lifestyle.

With great success in the Middle East, LUX5FOLD shows us that the future of alcohol-free luxury drinks has arrived and what’s more, is here to stay!

So uncork a bottle and listen to the fizz, taste the sweetness of the grapes, watch the 24K gold particles as they flow into your glass and hold the chic and elegantly designed bottle, appreciate the beauty inside and outside of the bottle.

Allow all of your senses to be stimulated.

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