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May 27, 2022

Luxuria Lifestyle Caribbbean interviews Dr Christopher Ashby

Luxuria Lifestyle Caribbean & Miami interviews Dr Christopher Ashby – Developer, The Point at Petite Calivigny Grenada.

What makes The Point at Petite Calivigny so special for visitors?

Our guests return again and again, and our owners rarely leave due to the wonderful community and the service model we have created. This is not your typical hotel and never will be.

Luxury is very subjective. Do you think there is a shift in what people are looking for in a luxury experience today?

Luxury is most definitely a subjective label. In general, our guests and owners are predominately comprised of ‘affluent explorers’. They are all high-net-worth individuals and citizens of the world who demand a specific level of service and accommodations. The old model of the luxury destination location appears to be gone. Our experience is that the new generation of affluent explorers is looking for community, security, high-end luxury, personalised service and value for money.

What does the island mean for you? Where is your favourite spot?

Growing up in Grenada has afforded me many freedoms and life experiences that have shaped who I am and have certainly had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. It is my home and will be for the rest of this life. My favourite spots are the Fire Lounge (the Point’s beach bar) in the early morning, where I begin my day in meditation and prayer. I also love the beach at Anse Le Roche in Carriacou. It’s a truly amazing location. The first time I visited there, thousands of baby turtles started to come out of the sand on their way to the sea. It was a very surreal experience, to say the least!

You started the Ashby Windward Foundation to give back to the island that has given so much to you. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It was established to improve the lives of the citizens of Grenada and its sister islands and is a continuation of the work started by my late father. To date, we have provided funding for 113 surgical procedures, 325 academic scholarships, three school infrastructure projects and a unique mentoring program. You won’t read about the AWF in the press as we keep a very low profile and don’t need to be famous. The experience of providing the possibility of improving another person’s life is the reward and a very personal matter.

What is luxury for you?

For me, it’s a highly personalised environment where you can find an extraordinary view and be surrounded by natural beauty. I also value a level of service where the persons providing said service have taken the time to know what pleases me and are motivated (and not obligated) to assist in my well-being. I also appreciate beautiful textures, colours, furnishings, and acute and professional attention to detail in my living environment. I value silence when needed, although I do enjoy a great party at the Fire Lounge now and then. Being treated as a valued member of a community and not just as a ‘guest’ is vital, and one’s personal safety is naturally high on the list. Finally, I would describe luxury as being in close proximity to adventure and mind-bending fun.

What does the Centre of Culinary Excellence mean for homeowners and guests at The Point at Petite Calivigny?

The Centre is a food laboratory where the chef/students, and sometimes guests, can learn to prepare traditional European, Asian and South American dishes and also experiment and create new dishes. We have our own organic greenhouse and are focused on using local and organic ingredients as much as possible; Grenada is a veritable breadbasket of fantastic seasonal vegetables, fruit and seafood. My favourite – and one of our signature creations – is the Chocolate Heaven which is an acutely decadent plate consisting of chocolate mousse, a hot chocolate rum shooter, homemade marshmallow, and flourless chocolate cake topped off with handmade salted caramel ice cream. To say the least, it is the best and most unique food in Grenada.

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