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July 24, 2023

Luxuria Lifestyle interveiws Dr Sandeep Bahra of White Dental & Cosmetic Rooms Chiswick

Dr Sandeep Bahra is the Principle Dentist at White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms in Chiswick and he’s placed himself at the forefront of dentist excellency, providing high standards of cosmetic treatments, with the highest standards of cosmetic treatments resulting in patient satisfaction.

Here we find out more about this dental practice and the man at the centre of White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms :

Dr Bahra, I know you’re extremely busy, and we appreciate your valuable time answering our questions. Firstly, what or who inspired you to embark on this exciting journey of creating this incredible practice?

I’ve worked as an associate at a number of practices over the years and felt as though I was ready to take this next step of owning a practice. Dr Raffaella Gabassi has done a remarkable job in designing and building the practice over the years when she owned White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms. I felt myself, along with my wife Amarjot, could build upon this incredible foundation to grow the practice moving forwards. With us both being dentists, I feel as though we have bounced off each other well to develop and create a practice we can both be proud to call our own.

What does your day look like?

A typical day for me is mostly spent with our clients. Owning a practice does require time and effort, but ultimately my passion is dentistry. I enjoy listening to our client’s journeys and helping them achieve their dental goals. It is not necessarily always cosmetic treatments clients require, for many it may just be the relief of pain or maintenance of a healthy smile. A general day can consist of a mixture of consultations and treatments. Having been trained in multiple fields within dentistry, the treatments I provide on a daily basis can range from braces and Invisalign to composite bonding and restorative therapies to oral surgery and dental implant procedures. Every smile journey is unique and so each day brings its own sense of fulfilment.

Between seeing clients, I like to check in with all members of the team throughout the day. Our admin team is excellent and being at the front of house, they play an important role in providing a seamless journey for our clients. I would be lost without our nursing team and the support they provide.

What are your main challenges being the principal dentist / Clinic owner?

We like to ensure the day-to-day running of our clinic is always as smooth as possible and that our team is well supported. We are keen to keep ourselves at the forefront of modern dentistry and like to ensure our clinicians have any materials or equipment they require. I don’t want to be a restrictive principal and like to provide an environment that allows everyone to work to their best abilities delivering the best treatment outcomes.

Having a team I can rely upon is imperative, every team member is as important as the next. Putting systems and processes in place has taken time but tailoring these around our clients’ feedback has allowed us to grow the practice from both a business and clients’ perspective, giving an overall seamless experience.

The cosmetic and regular dentistry that your team and you provide is impressive, tell us how you choose your team members.

Thank you, Amber. Every member of our team is a talented individual. They all have their strengths and giving them an environment that enables them to exercise these daily allows them to flourish.

I wanted our practice to be the clinic where we can manage all our clients’ cosmetic inquiries regarding their smile and oral health in-house. Sort of like a one-stop-shop. This allows us to assess a client’s smile in more of a holistic manner. We then provide a bespoke plan tailored to our client’s needs and expectations. I aimed to build a team around our clients rather than ticking off the different specialities within dentistry.

Explain to us how using the latest digital advances in the industry impact the treatments that you provide.

I am a big fan of technological advances. I believe it shows how we have pressed ahead with innovative/creative ideas that even a few years ago may have seemed far-fetched.

It is fascinating to see how advancements in technology have taken modern dentistry to a new level. Not only does this allow us to provide treatments with greater precision, but also more predictability. With the use of digital intra-oral scanners we can generate a 3D model in real time allowing patients to see how their teeth appear from different angles and even show them areas of the mouth they cannot see. Some intra-oral scanners can show a live view of how our client’s teeth could look once aligned. This is something we would have had to try verbally explaining in the past and clients would have to try and visualise what we were describing. It also meant patients in the past were, in a way, blindly accepting treatment imagining how their teeth may appear at the end, whereas now they will be able to see what is possible from the outset.

Having photography as a hobby and a passion, I regularly take photographs throughout treatments. I like to show clients the journey we embark on toward achieving their dream smile. I can also critique my work from these high-definition images and go back to perfect any areas identified, giving our patients the best possible outcomes.

Do you see the brand expanding?

I do see the brand expanding. I would like to have another location, one where I can design and bring a vision to reality. I would also like to explore the option of providing our own branded products to use in our clinic.

What sets White Dental apart from other dental clinics?

I believe our attention to detail and how much we care about our patients is what sets us apart from others. Our team are dedicated and more than willing to go above and beyond for our clients giving them a seamless experience. I believe in treating every patient as if it was myself or my family member in the chair.

What shape did your career path take?

My career path was not conventional. I began performing implant surgery within a year of being in practice (under the correct mentoring programme). When starting in practice, after completing my dental degree, I knew early on what type of dentistry I wanted to provide and the type of dentist I wanted to become.

I spent most of my earnings in the early part of my career investing in myself and my skills. I completed postgraduate training in Implant Surgery, Orthodontics and Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. My experiences allowed me to enhance my skills in these fields at an early stage and since then I have only built and refined them. I believe investing in myself in those early years was crucial in getting me to this stage in my career.

How do you ensure you and your team keep abreast of the ever-changing procedures etc in the world of cosmetic dentistry?

Every dentist has to partake in a certain number of hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) which keeps us up to date with advances in dentistry. However, doing the minimum number of hours is not enough in the ever-changing world of dentistry. Reading articles, magazines, subscriptions, attending conferences and even following dentistry pages on social media, all help to keep us at the forefront of modern cosmetic dentistry.

It sounds like your clients are able to receive a completely bespoke and individual consultation, what is the most popular cosmetic treatment?

Every consultation is tailored to our client’s needs and expectations. I always spend the first part of the consultation not saying anything, and just listening to every patient’s journey that has brought them to me on that day. Listening is the most important part of the consultation.

There are a number of cosmetic treatments to enhance a smile, from simple teeth whitening to more advanced restorative treatments, such as veneers and crowns. The most popular cosmetic treatment I come across is Orthodontics, for example, Invisalign. Straightening and aligning teeth can change a smile. There has been a paradigm shift in recent years, and I am seeing Composite Bonding becoming increasingly popular in Cosmetic Dentistry. This is a minimally invasive treatment option that can enhance a smile. We are able to change the shade, shape, size, and appearance of your teeth without the need to drill your teeth away.

How do you relax, where do you take your holidays?

I am a keen photographer and a car/motorbike enthusiast. I must say though, the best way for me to relax is on holiday. My wife and I enjoy travelling and exploring different parts of the world. We have spent time in the Caribbean recently and it is our favourite place to visit. Hopefully, we can find the time to discover more of it in the future.

What is your vision for the future?

For the future, I would like to expand our ever-growing talented team and make ourselves more accessible over London and the surrounding areas.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Not other than it has been a pleasure to treat you and I am glad we were able to give you the confidence to smile showing your teeth!

A: 128 Chiswick High Rd., Chiswick, London W4 1PU
T: 020 8747 9933
W: White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

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