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January 19, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle interviews Daan Brinkers CEO of Explore Yachting

Luxuria Lifestyle are thrilled to interview with Daan Brinkers, CEO of Explore Yachting. Explore the pinnacle of luxury at sea and the visionary leadership shaping unforgettable yachting experiences.

LL:  What inspired you to establish Explore Yachting, and how did your passion for sailing contribute to the venture’s inception?

My passion for sailing is actually the driving force behind Explore Yachting. My love for the industry and desire to share the unique joys of sailing the Mediterranean motivated me to establish my own company and perfect the whole experience. I want to provide memorable and relaxing sailing holidays for others. You see, when a yachting holiday runs (or sails) smoothly and details are taken care of, the guests have an amazing experience but when something doesn’t go well, or expectations aren’t met it can ruin their entire holiday. With Explore Yachting I wanted to minimise the chances of any of that by providing tailor-made charters with every detail within our control taken care of.

LL: Can you share any challenges you’ve faced in the luxury yacht industry, and how did you overcome them to build a successful business?

Operators within the industry can often provide false information about itineraries, yachts, destinations, etc., just to get a booking. This creates false expectations and guests are inevitably disappointed when their holiday is not what they were told it would be. Explore Yachting is always honest and very happy to have a conversation with and provide information to potential clients about what they want and can expect from their holiday. We then support them to find the location, yachts, crew and any extras that best suit them and continue this support throughout their holiday.

LL: Explore Yachting offers a range of yacht charter services. How do you stay motivated in providing memorable experiences for clients?

The happiness of our guests after a successful holiday is, and always will be our motivation.

LL: As a leader in the industry, how is Explore Yachting adapting to changes in the yachting world?

Explore Yachting was created and is personally overseen by myself, an experienced professional skipper who has worked in the industry for over ten years. I’ve sailed every destination and yacht we have available on the website. The crew we handpick are also experts in the industry. Because of this we keep abreast of any changes and are uniquely suited to recognise and adapt to progress in the yachting world.

LL: Customer satisfaction is crucial in the luxury sector. How does Explore Yachting ensure an exceptional and personalised experience for each client?

At Explore Yachting, we actively listen to our guests and always work with any feedback or suggestions we’re given. We personalise every experience and are flexible if the wishes of our guests change. This could be regarding crew selection, itineraries, yachts, etc. Our goal is to have as many details taken care of as possible, drawing on our own personal and professional knowledge of luxury sailing holidays.

LL: What role does sustainability play in your business operations and are there any eco-friendly initiatives Explore Yachting is involved in?

All of our yachts are sailing yachts, providing one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel today. We care for the ocean deeply and want our relationship with the natural world to be harmonious. Onboard, we are vigilant about recycling and prefer to use sustainable and environmentally friendly products. One of the ways we like to contribute to the world is by organising beach clean-ups when needed, involving our crew and any interested guests.

LL: Can you share any memorable partnerships or collaborations that have contributed to the success of Explore Yachting?

We recently collaborated with yoga retreat operators to create Sail & Heal. Sail & Heal is a seven-day retreat onboard a catamaran where guests engage in yoga sessions with a certified instructor while sailing around the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf. We’re looking forward to launching the retreat this summer.

LL: How has technology played a role in enhancing the services offered by Explore Yachting, from booking processes to onboard experiences?

Explore Yachting offers a website that is easy to navigate with detailed information about both the destinations and the yachts available. There are options for direct bookings or enquiries. Onboard, we endeavour to provide quality technology to enhance our guest experience.

LL: As a business owner, what leadership qualities do you believe are essential for success in the luxury yacht industry, and how do you instil these values in your team?

Communication is key, as my wife will tell you and she’s right! The most important aspect of business leadership is to listen and communicate and at Explore Yachting we do exactly that, work closely with our guests and crew. In this way, we encourage a supportive and confident atmosphere that is focused on solutions rather than problems, thereby, creating exceptional holiday experiences.

LL: Explore Yachting operates in various locations. How do you ensure a consistent level of quality service across different destinations?

Explore Yachting only works with known and trusted yacht providers. Each skipper and crew member is vetted and allocated by Explore Yachting, ensuring an exceptional level of professionalism.

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