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February 4, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle interviews Noor Charchafchi CEO of Celine Interior Design

Luxuria Lifestyle is excited to discover the visionary leadership of Noor Charchafchi, CEO of Celine Interior Design, as we delve into her insights and strategies in this exclusive interview and explore the brilliance behind Celine Design’s success.

Can you share the story of how Celine Design came to be?

Celine was founded by Noor Charchafchi, an ex-aviation finance lawyer. This followed the successful completion of several of her design projects, working in partnership with her husband across a small property portfolio.

What inspired you to start your own interior design business?

Initially and like many entrepreneurs, I had no idea what I was doing. I had never run my own company and if I had known them how challenging the business side would have been, I might have wavered. It’s this blessing of not knowing that made me push ahead and I’m of course I’m very glad I did. To grow the business to an award-winning interior design practice makes me immensely proud.

In the dynamic field of interior design, trends and styles are constantly evolving. How does Celine Design stay current and innovative in providing design solutions for clients?

I think we are always trying to look and learn what’s new and out on the market, we push our boundaries every day. I ask the team to always go one step further with their designs and ideas of luxury – we always take inspiration from the wider international design scene.

What do you believe sets Celine Design apart from other interior design firms? How do you maintain a unique identity in a competitive market?

As a team, we have a unique drive when it comes to our clients and how we want to deliver a truly luxury experience; there are no lengths we won’t go to, to ensure a perfect finish.

We have an incredible ‘family’ office where everyone feels committed and loyal and loves their environment – this makes me very proud. I am a British Iraqi, and so my background affords me a slightly different flair when it comes to design.

I also speak Arabic, and this has certainly been a comfort to our Middle Eastern clients. With an office in London, we are close to a very international community, who love London’s famous design style, trends and excellence.

As we move into 2024, we are certainly becoming more international, with upcoming projects in Monaco, Saudi and the UAE and we are living all the diversity and uniqueness of those opportunities.

Collaboration is often crucial in the world of design. How does Celine Design approach working with clients, architects, and other professionals to ensure successful and harmonious projects?

Everything we do is collaborative, and this is a unique skill. Our creative vision unites us all, and this is how we manage to work with such diverse groups of artistic partners across all our projects.

Can you share a challenging project you’ve worked on and how your team overcame obstacles to deliver a successful result?

Set within a grand historical building, we recently completed a grand five-bedroom Mayfair residence, to perfection.

We were asked to design ‘limitlessly,’ which meant they didn’t want to be restricted on changes and amendments, and therefore we thought would we never complete it. Featuring art masters, oriental panels, bespoke luxury furniture and unique one-of-a-kind hand-crafted artisan designs, each room is a realised dream, delivered to the highest of standards.

This project was one of the most unique briefs we had ever been challenged with and it made us think beyond the realms of our usual design approach. The clients had very different ideas of what they each liked, and the first challenge was making the entire space feel seamless and congruent, whilst delivering a design that each could individually fall in love with.

As a big family, the children’s bedrooms were a large emotional consideration too – each child needed to feel they had a space which was uniquely about and for them.

Sustainability and eco-friendly design practices are becoming increasingly important. How does Celine Design incorporate environmental considerations into your design projects?

We try to use certified materials that we know are natural, and products that have longevity so that there isn’t the need to change an item or a collection of furniture constantly. Realistically, that’s what a designer should be doing creating a timeless collection of furniture to make sure there is less waste and within that using more natural fabrics and materials that impact the environment less.

Celine Design likely works on a variety of projects, from residential to commercial. How do you tailor your approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of different clients? 

Versatility is our strength. For a residential project like the Mayfair residence, we focus on creating a personalized, luxurious ambience and artistic backdrop tailored to the client’s lifestyle and art collection. It’s about curating an incredibly unique experience within the home, from bespoke furnishings to meticulous attention to detail on functionality and even process.

In contrast, with commercial projects, the client tends to want to prioritize functionality and brand identity as well as cost and return on investment so it’s quite a different approach.

Adapting our approach means that every client will receive a bespoke design solution that aligns with their unique vision and requirements.

Technology plays a significant role in modern design processes. How does Celine Design leverage technology and digital tools to enhance the design experience for both your team and clients?

We try to embrace and develop our cutting-edge technology and digital tools and programs to streamline our design process.

We use advanced 3D modelling software for realistic visualisations and collaborate through cloud-based platforms, and we’re now looking into leveraging virtual reality for immersive client experiences.

The tech integration will hopefully ensure efficiency and a deeper understanding of the design vision for both our team and clients.

Building a successful business involves not only creative skills but also effective leadership. How do you foster a positive and productive work culture within Celine Design and what does 2024 hold for Celine Design?

We believe in a collaborative and inclusive work culture, with an incredibly growing team from a multitude of backgrounds – myself included.

We believe in open communication, mutual respect, and recognizing individual contributions which we reward monthly. As for 2024, Celine Design is set to expand its innovative design approach, incorporating more sustainable practices using a new program we are creating and staying at the forefront of design trends.

I also think we encourage a huge sense of team effort and praise which feels very positive. We all stand by one another no matter whether it’s in or out of the office they are always our team and each other’s team. I think in leadership in the office it’s always important to recognize that everyone has an independent existence out of the office and to try and encourage and support that area also.

We have several parents in our office, and we try not only to support that fact but to encourage families and ensure parents’ meetings and drop-offs and pick-ups for children can be supported and maintained.

Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

As the owner of an interior design business, what trends do you foresee shaping the industry in the coming years, and how is Celine Design preparing to adapt to these changes?

Technology and innovation within design teams and the industry will see incredible changes. As to how they will shape our interaction with design, our teams and clients are yet to be realised and AI is a strong example of this.

We are developing our systems and even technologies to enhance our process and this is still at the very early stages and are looking forward to pushing these forward very soon.

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