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February 10, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle Interviews Sine Brynestad Stokke CEO of Elm Organics

Luxuria Lifestyle interviews Sine Brynestad Stokke CEO of Elm Organics, here we find out a little more about this busy lady and what makes her tick:

You are a Chemical Engineer specializing in environmental technology. Please expand on this and tell us more about yourself.

“I have always wanted to create something and make an impact – to make a difference. When I became a chemical engineer, specializing in environmental technology, it became a perfect match between my competence and passion for the environment, and simultaneously for high-end skincare. The world is changing, and we are all invited to upgrade our lifestyle to one that truly supports life. Creating a new generation of cosmetics has been my inspiration, with high-end quality as the key. Few customers buy a product solely because it is environmentally friendly. It must deliver a quality experience for the customer. Elm Organics Norway is at the forefront of a new generation of hair and skincare, and I believe this is just the beginning of a very prosperous future for the cosmetic industry.

When did the company officially launch, and what inspired you to become so passionate about creating Elm Organics, pure and environmentally safe products?

“We launched the company in 2021, but the story of Elm Organics began many years ago. I must have been around 15 years old when my mother Linn (co-founder of Elm Organics) came across a website called EWG Skin-deep. This database allows you to search for specific ingredients or products and provides parameters indicating how harmful they are to human health and the environment. We went through every product we had in our bathroom, and almost all of them ended up in the garbage bin. This marked the true beginning of Elm. The idea of creating a new generation of cosmetics was born – products that look good, feel good, smell good, are made from the best ingredients, top quality, and clean.

After I completed my engineering degree in 2019, we went straight to the laboratory in France and began developing Elm Organics formulas. We worked on this for two years while I pursued my master’s degree in management of technology. In autumn 2021, just two months after I finished my master’s degree, we launched Elm Organics.

Where are the raw materials farmed or grown, and how do you ensure they are as pure as you’d like them?

“Our laboratory has an R&D farm (research and development farm) where we grow different ingredients used in Elm formulas. This is also where we cultivate new ingredients for testing future formulas. We also have an organic farm in Norway where we grow special ingredients. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and of high-quality organic origin. We ensure quality by having all products certified by the Cosmos Organic Standard. This certification guarantees customers that the product is biodegradable and contains no microplastics or other harmful chemicals. All Elm products are vegan and cruelty-free.

In your opinion, do you think we will all become more environmentally conscious, and how does Elm hope to inspire us?

“There is a rise in conscious consumers. No place on earth is left untouched by climate change, and customers are becoming more aware that animals are used as ingredients in their products. We are all becoming more conscious about the impact of our choices, and options like Elm are on the rise. This is also evident in the steady growth rate of natural and organic products globally. Elm hopes to inspire not only the already-conscious consumer but also to create a product of such high quality that it attracts those not initially interested in the environment.

We know first-hand that your wonderful products are included in the Sea Dream Yacht cabins. Where else are they available for purchase globally today?

“You can visit our webshop (Elm Organics), and Elm products are also available in many hotels and selected retailers in Norway.

Apart from the consumer market, where else would you like your products to be offered and used?

“Elm delivers sustainable luxury and is a perfect match for high-end hotels. Hotels have a significant impact, and they turn to us not only to meet future requirements and regulations but also due to the evident rise in conscious management.

How much do you think social media impacts your specific market?

“A lot. Social media is where we directly communicate with our customers, and we genuinely appreciate the loyal support for pure products in comments, messages, and reviews on Trustpilot. This platform also allows us to communicate new insights and scientific knowledge. Knowledge empowers customers to make the best choices for themselves, their families, and the planet.

How do you see Elm evolving over the next two years?

“We are witnessing rapid growth at Elm Organics since our launch in August 2021. In 2024, Elm Organics will introduce ELM SKIN CARE and ELM SUN PROTECTION, both certified by the highest standards. We have global ambitions.

What are the biggest business challenges you face on a day-to-day basis?

“Greenwashing. Regulations are too soft. Terms like ‘natural,’ ‘vegan,’ and ‘organic ingredients’ are used freely. However, few customers realize that for a brand to promote a product as ‘made with organic ingredients,’ only 1% organic content is required. Another important aspect to remember is this: a product being vegan is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the formula is free from harmful ingredients. To be truly safe, always look for both certifications: Cosmos Organic and Vegan & Cruelty-Free badges.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

“In relation to Elm Organics, I believe it has to be the three awards we have received for our products. In 2022, our Cotton Flower Hand Wash won ‘Best Hand Wash 2022’ at the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards. In 2023, we won ‘Best Body Wash’ and ‘Editor’s Choice’ for our Marvellous Oil Blend at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023. This is a significant achievement for us, demonstrating that organic products made with innovative technology can compete – and win. This is encouraging news and will inspire more producers to follow suit.

Do you plan to create and launch a skincare range?

“We have been working on Elm Skincare for many years now and hope to launch the products in autumn 2024. This skincare line is very special to us, and it is based on a unique herb that we cultivate on our organic farm in Norway. This herb is packed with vitamin C and has healing properties. Elm skincare is where innovation and science meet the best of organic.

What is your definition of luxury?

“It can be described in one word – quality. Luxury, for me, has nothing to do with the price but with the quality of the product. For instance, arriving at a hotel that serves organic, freshly squeezed green juice is a luxury. Or when the hotel room is designed for optimal sleep conditions and the bathroom amenities are certified organic, using recycled bottles, of course.”

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