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February 15, 2022

Luxuria Lifestyle Spain interviews Julián Romaguera

Julián Romaguera, General Manager of Los Naranjos Golf- Marbella’s career in golf, luxury hospitality, and real estate has rapidly evolved over the past decade, developing his skills as a modern business manager who knows all there is to know about teamwork. Strategically solving challenges and creating the right working environment by leading teams towards offering unique experiences and a differentiated service has become the key to this success.

LL: Let’s start early in your career. You went to the United States to study business management and administration, and you did your master’s degree in Golf Management. What was that experience like?

I have always been very aware of the importance of having a very strong academic background to have the right tools and thinking to develop my work better in the future.
I was given a golf scholarship at Webber International University (Florida, USA), where I learned the theory of Business Management and also had the opportunity to play at the university golf team. The experience was fantastic, not only from an academic standpoint but also as I was surrounded by students from different countries around the world. I made lifelong friends during this period.

LL: Some people might say that you changed jobs often early in your career having spent less than 2 years in all your jobs before coming to Los Naranjos. What were the main benefits you received from changing jobs often early in your career?

From a very early stage in my career, I have been determined to work at the highest professional point in the Golf & Hospitality industry. There is nothing to hide in my profile: my level of ambition has always been high and was not ready to let down better opportunities for the fact of being “too young” for it. 

The time spent in each of my roles gave me good learnings and different luxury concepts, but most importantly, it provided me with crucial soft skills that are considered strengths in my profile today. Having at least one professional international experience will be a very important requirement for future leaders for better adaptation to the environment.

LL: What is it about Los Naranjos that you love that has you there for almost 6 years now?

Los Naranjos Golf Club is a very special place I was lucky enough to join at the age of 29 as General Manager. Today I am 35 and I still learn every day from my Board, members and team. This is the key of the time I have been in my role.

After growing my career around the world I had the feeling it was time to settle and also showcase how much a club can grow if well managed in Spain. Golf tourism in Costa del Sol is very demanding and I feel proud of the multiple successes we have had over the last 6 years.

LL: Roadmap 2022: What are the challenges and hopes Los Naranjos Golf is facing this year?

After a very successful Final of the Ladies European Tour hosted at Los Naranjos GC last November, it is our wish for 2022 two upgrade our standards even more in all aspects. Our Los Naranjos Trophy tournament (25-28th April 2022) will be coming back stronger than ever before to consolidate as the best amateur tournament in Europe.

I am personally very excited about the addition to our facilities of a paddle tennis center, 17 courts will be built, supported by a new boutique gym, physio services and bar. Paddle tennis has grown a lot over the last few years in Spain and Los Naranjos would like to be part of this growth. I look forward to seeing it built.

LL: What is your most memorable round of golf? Why?

My time playing in the United States during university life was very special overall and it is difficult to address one specific moment. However, I have the feeling my most memorable round of golf is yet to come as I would like to bring my father to St. Andrews (Scotland) and play with him at some point. Playing with Dad is always special.

LL: What is the one course in the world that you most want to play but you haven’t yet golf the opportunity to? Why?

This is an easy answer. Augusta National is not only my dream course to play, but many golfers around the world. The history of the club and the many memorable golf events happening in that course over every year’s Masters makes it by far the top in my bucket list.

LL: Tell us please your definition of Luxury?

I would define luxury as “the art of making others feel exclusive”. Leading a luxury company requires plenty of drive, vision, thinking and training. It is an art as not everyone can provide luxury and also because not everyone appreciates it in the same way. Having the ability to identify the customised luxury for each kind of client is the real “art of luxury”.

LL: If you could take one thing with you to a deserted island. What would that be?

Without a doubt, FAMILY.

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