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January 31, 2022

Luxuria Lifestyle Spain interviews Pablo Nieto, Founder and CEO of De La Torre

What is your definition of Luxury?

The meaning of “Luxury” I consider very variable depending on the needs that each person has created or yearned for.

Personally, “luxury” would mean having time to spend on everything other than daily obligations and having environments that are pleasant for you to enjoy that time.

The competition in the luxury market is fierce. How do you make a difference?

I try not to impose my “Luxury” criteria on my clients. I always advise but I do not impose, since it is really the client who must feel comfortable with the final result of each project. Thus success is assured.

Are there upcoming trends we need to keep an eye on?

I am a nature lover, and I am lucky enough to live in Marbella, open to the sea and the sky. My proposals are and will always be natural environments, noble materials, simple designs… and lots of light.

Have you noticed a change in the kind of property that is highly sought-after in Marbella/ Costa del Sol?

In recent times, after the pandemic, the client does not want a property where they feel locked up. The client wants to breathe, wants light, open spaces are sought.

According to you, what are the design trends we need to watch out for in the coming years?

It has stopped the “extravagant”, the decorative excess. Elegance lies in giving a touch of distinction to a simple and natural environment…

What are the challenges the luxury real estate sector will be facing in the next year(s)?

We have a very high demand from clients who are looking for very exclusive properties, with a lot of privacy, with wide views.

Years ago the client of Luxury Real Estate was looking for a second residence in Marbella for their vacation time, today, our clients are looking for an exceptional first residence… they want to live in Marbella.

What would your key piece of advice be for buyers interested in purchasing/investing in luxury real estate in Marbella/ Costa del Sol?

If you have the necessary financial resources and you visit a property that makes your “arm hair stand on end”… buy it.

As a household name De la Torre Premium Boutique Real Estate, what is going to be your next milestone?

We have for sale what for me is undoubtedly the most exclusive, elegant and best-located villa in Marbella “Villa La Fuente” and this summer 2022 we will have the scoop of putting on sale the largest penthouse in Marbella with an unbeatable location in Golden Mile Beachfront.

Location: Urb. Los Monteros / Beach front, next to Beach Club La Cabane
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