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October 18, 2023

Luxuria Lifestyle Spain Interviews Vanessa Moreno, Sales Director of LV Real Estate

Welcome, everyone, to this interview with the dynamic Sales Director of LV Real Estate Spain. With a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, our guest has played a pivotal role in reshaping the property landscape in Spain. Join us as we delve into their insights, strategies, and vision driving LV Real Estate’s success.

Can you share your experience in the real estate and architecture industry, particularly in the Spanish market?

We come from an entire generation dedicated to real estate. From the promotion of homes and construction to the sale with the real estate agency and thanks to the experience we have, we are also dedicated to the complete marketing of other developers’ projects.

It is for all this, it is clear that the real estate sector in Spain is currently booming without being overheated and having a great growth forecast. To a large extent, the luxury market is the one that is positioning itself in the lead and the clients that are arriving are from all areas of the world. From European to New York, Miami, etc.

What strategies have you used to identify and target potential clients or buyers in the luxury real estate segment?

Luxury clients arrive through very different channels. Since our target ranges from 300,000 euros to the houses with the highest price that we have at 54,000,000 euros, we have to find a way to reach both. Everyone has their preferred contact channel. Some enter through real estate portals and others through specific collaborations as well as the marketing that we ourselves carry out with our marketing department.

Spain has several regions and types of property. How do you adapt your commercial approach to the different markets in Spain?

Each office chooses the client it wants to work with. In our case we can say that we have about 50%-50% of both Spanish and foreign clients. We have a team that speaks several languages and since we are a reference on the Costa del Sol, clients look for us even if in some cases we do not have any sales person from the same country. Customers prefer the security of a clear and risk-free purchasing process. We have been working for 23 years and we have never, and I repeat, we have never had any problem in any purchase or sale.

We are in a privileged situationwe are on the Costa Del Sol and we work a very large area. From Málaga to Estepona with the exception of Cádiz, but only in Sotogrande and San Roque. A very luxurious area with a famous golf course.

How to stay updated on the latest real estate trends, regulations and architectural developments in Spain?

We are knowledgable about all the regulations. From any change that may arise that may affect the purchasing process because we have our own legal department as well as trends.

In the promotion department, our technical team is responsible for always being up to date with any changes that may occur from the administration or legal side.

We always stay updated. It is an important task that must be done, and do well.

Can you give us an example of a challenging sales situation you have encountered in the past and how you successfully resolved it?

Effective communication is crucial in sales.

There are always operations that are more complicated than others. The question here is to see what can be executed and what cannot, and be clear. If something can be done, it is done no matter what the cost, but if, on the contrary, something does not have the clarity of being able to move forward, it is clearly transmitted and we do not move forward with any operation that could cause problems. This way we save problems for both the client and ourselves.

How do you build and maintain strong relationships with clients and architects throughout the sales process?

Our team has many years of experience and they are known on the Costa del Sol. This means that we have a great relationship between us, also with all of the external participants necessary for the process.

In luxury real estate, attention to detail is essential. How do you ensure the accuracy of the property listings and architectural information you provide to clients?

Our acquisition manager is concerned about always having the listing updated. This is very important so that the customer has initial confidence, but the most important thing is constant contact with the customer in their purchasing process. We are always concerned and busy with what the client needs and is looking for. We do not tell you anything that does not fit you and your requirements, thus your time is used optimally and no tiemis wasted.

What sales software or CRM tools are you familiar with and how have you used them to manage your leads and sales pipeline?

We work with all the real estate portals and we have closed collaboration agreements, as regards to management time we apply with Enmovillas Reals, which are the leaders in the Costa Del Sol.

Real estate and architecture projects in Spain can sometimes involve legal complexities. How do you ensure compliance with local regulations and facilitate a smooth transaction process for customers?

We have always had our own legal team, which is in care of verifying all of the operations we carry out and ensures that all legal regulations are complied with at the level of closing contracts, such as regulations when building a villa and building a new real estate promotion.

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