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May 28, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle’s recommended summertime tipples

As summer unfolds, it’s the perfect time to indulge in refreshing alcoholic beverages that complement the season’s warmth and vibrant activities. Whether you’re hosting a lively barbecue, enjoying a serene beach day, or simply unwinding on a warm evening, the right drink can enhance the experience. Champagne’s bubbly delight, vodka’s botanical freshness, tequila’s spirited zest,  and let’s not forget delicious rum, they each offer a unique way to celebrate summer. Check out Luxuria Lifestyle’s recommendations here. Cheers to a delightful summer!

SaharaThe Spirit of Morocco

Inspired by Mahia, a traditional Moroccan fig and aniseed spirit drink, Sahara introduces a refined, contemporary blend to the UK market. Enhanced with notes of apricots, almonds, honey and cinnamon, Sahara offers a uniquely premium Moroccan experience.

After over three years of dedicated research and development, Sahara is now available in the UK. Sahara draws upon the core of Morocco’s diverse nature, capturing the essence of its people, culture and history. It’s a tribute to the resilience of generations past, who have safeguarded the secrets of Mahia, known in Arabic as the “Water of Life”—through centuries of tradition and heritage.

Though Mahia is steeped in the rich tapestry of Judeo-Moroccan culture, its recent history has seen it veer down a different path, becoming entangled with illegal and informal alcohol production in Morocco. Determined to restore its rightful place, Sahara emerges as the beacon of change—a premium Mahia with a twist that sets it apart from any other spirit drink.

Louis Roederer Brut Collection 243 Champagne Gift Box, 75cl – £48.49, currently reduced from £56.49 – SAVE £8

Created from the Perpetual Reserve and the oak-aged reserve wines, complemented by the finest successes of the 2018 harvest, Collection 243 is Louis Roederer’s multi-vintage Champagne par excellence!

Its appearance is a bright, golden hue with shimmering highlights and a fine, lively mousse with lingering threads of bubbles. On the nose, it is open and rich yet also wonderfully fresh. It offers an explosion of ripe, delicate fruit with intense notes of yellow fruit complemented by sweet citrus fruits and delicate notes of white flowers. The palate is deep and dense with a big, well-structured backbone. The texture is simply mesmerising with its fleshy mouthfeel from the Pinot Noir that coats the palate before giving way to an incredible saline freshness with a pleasant hint of bitterness. This wine combines the strength, intensity and power of the delectably ripe Pinot noirs which are balanced to perfection by the chalky freshness and density of the Chardonnay which forms the majority of the blend.

Pernod Ricard’s Avión tequila

For the first time, Pernod Ricard’s Avión tequila is leveraging the exclusivity of its latest launch alongside the demand for prestige NFTs as it partners with BlockBar – a marketplace selling blockchain-authenticated wines and spirits direct from producer – to release a limited-edition, prestige expression: Avión Lucky Liquid.

Born from an endeavour to defy convention, Avión Lucky Liquid embodies a story of serendipity. This limited-edition release of just 100 bottles is the pioneering product of nine years’ ageing for extra añejo tequila in one single oak cask that previously matured Mexican Cabernet Sauvignon. Left forgotten in the cellars until it was fortunately rediscovered, the result is an expression with unparalleled depth and character which takes its name from having beaten all odds – prevailing as an exquisite 100% agave tequila despite the nature of its production.

This ultra-aged tequila boasts a distinct reddish hue and remains unfiltered to preserve its intrinsic character and vibrant texture. It evokes profound and intense sweet aromas such as cacao and candied red fruits. It delivers a robust tannin-rich body on the palate, followed by mellow fruity notes of peach, cranberry, and pecans – culminating in the sophisticated, smooth mouthfeel emblematic of a high-quality 100% agave tequila.

Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum, 1L: £44.49

Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum is a more premium release from the well-loved brand, perfect for those who are a fan of the Captain.

Aged for two years in oak barrels to give it woody undertones that mingle effortlessly with spices and hints of creamy vanilla, the Captain’s Private Stock Rum is wonderfully mellow. A special brew of barrel-matured rum that’s infused with only the finest quality ingredients, it goes down a treat on its own or makes a treasured ingredient in any rum cocktail.

Ciroc Limonata Flavoured Vodka, 70cl: £33.69, currently reduced from £36.99 – SAVE: £33.30

Ciroc Limonata Flavoured Vodka is a zesty delight, capturing the essence of sun-ripened lemons with a sophisticated twist. This premium vodka is a celebration of vibrancy, boasting a bright and refreshing flavour profile that’s inspired by the classic Italian lemonade. Distilled five times from fine French grapes, Ciroc Limonata is an embodiment of elegance and smoothness, perfect for those who seek to elevate their cocktail experiences with a touch of citrus-infused luxury.

Rozél Rosé Vodka – set to be the spirit of summer 2024

Also available from Master of Malt and Amazon

A vodka for rosé lovers, this premium spirit creates a gorgeous blush spritz for summer sipping.

This summer swap your rosé wine for a Rozél Rosé Vodka  – the perfect spirit for garden picnics, long summer lunches or basking in the garden.

Rozél Rosé Vodka – one of the UK’s first premium blush vodka brands – is inspired by the delicately fruity flavours of Côtes de Provence rosé wine. A vodka for rosé lovers, this triple-distilled premium spirit is ​​combined with natural fruit extracts for notes of juicy raspberries and white peach with a hint of bitter pink grapefruit.

Rozél Rosé Vodka’s delicate flavours and sophisticated bottle design add a touch of elegance to at-home entertaining, summer barbecues and garden parties. The 37.5% ABV spirit also creates a gorgeous blush hue when added to cocktails and mixers – ideal for creating eye-catching, Insta-worthy serves.

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