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February 24, 2022

Luxurious Property in Real Estate: Top Tips for Agents

The real estate industry is a billion-dollar industry that has made several not only millionaires but also high-end properties more available to buyers. As a real estate firm or agent dealing with luxurious properties, one thing that is for sure is that you’re guaranteed to get massive bonuses each time you make a sale.

Luxury properties always come with a premium price tag, and for a real estate agent, the heavier the price tag, the higher the commission. However, selling such properties is no mean feat since the buyers are usually scarce. So, how can you have your prospects put you on speed dial as a luxury real estate agent?

Tips to Improve Sales in Luxurious Real Estate Properties

To be successful in this niche, you have to master the following winning strategies.

1. Plenty of networking

Selling luxurious properties certainly requires you to widen your reach since the ideal buyers aren’t random people you can meet on the streets. The more you network, the more your chances of getting a client increase. There are more than enough ways to network, and you can start with your close friends and relatives. Close cooperation with other agents, especially those with more experience, will certainly improve your odds of making sales. So, the sooner you can start going out and interacting with more people, the better for you.

2. Maximize on charities and other social events

Charities and social events are ideal venues to meet prospective clients. Charities often bring together people with a foundation of their own, most of whom are rich and wealthy. Hence, attending such events gives you a rare opportunity to interact with them and also share with them what you do.

3. Hire and train quality agents

If you want to expand your reach and make more sales, you should hire the best of the best. You can quickly get reputable agents from competitors or hire new agents altogether. You always want to hire an agent with a good reputation. It is important to understand who you are working with; some people have criminal records and may want to hide that from you.

4. Level up your social media game

Social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool. Most real estate agencies actively use their social media accounts to market their properties. If you know nothing about it, you can hire a competent social media manager who could help you grow a following organically. The good thing with this strategy is that you can interact and sell to prospects outside your locale or country.

5. Make the most out of referrals

When it comes to selling properties, referrals play a very crucial role. Each time you make a sale or interact with prospects, always strive to give them the ultimate experience. When your clients are satisfied, they’ll refer their friends to you. Regarding referrals, you can start by making friends with the office administrators of senior centers near you. When people move to senior centers, they sometimes sell their houses. The office admins often recommend agents that specialize in selling houses. These admins can easily refer them to you, which means more luxurious homes to sell.

In case you are interested in some specific property but don’t know how to contact the owner, use Nuwber. It will provide you with the necessary contact info as well as give a glimpse of the property’s history.

6. Capitalize on targeted mailings

While social media is proven to generate plenty of sales, the success rates of emails are even higher. Buyers of luxurious homes are not easy to find but maximizing on targeted emails can help you. Targeted emails are directed towards people who have already warmed up to your services, which increases your chances of converting them to buyers. The trick is to narrow your focus to specific demographics and zip codes for such letters.

7. Incentivize your agents

When you motivate your agents, they’ll put in the extra effort. There are multiple ways to motivate your agents. A surefire way of doing this is through cash rewards. You can offer to reward them a given amount of money every time they land you an appointment with a serious client. Do not only be limited to cash incentives only. There are many other ways to motivate your agents.

8. Make the most out of audiovisual technology

Smart real estate agents are capitalizing on current technology to outdo their competitors. Luxurious property clients are often unable to go and see the units in person. Their busy schedules wouldn’t allow, and that’s where technology comes in. Many agents often make the mistake of assuming that simply uploading a photo or video is enough. It is worth investing in high-quality equipment to get the best possible outcomes. Property buyers value visual presentation and want to see how a property fits into their lifestyle—leveraging the power of virtual reality and offering your clients virtual tours through metaverse technology.

9. Proper timing

There’s always the right time for doing anything, and that’s true even in selling luxurious properties. If you want to increase your chances of selling a unit, you should be in season. It isn’t wise to sell houses during hurricanes, nor is it right to do so during a rainy season. From experience, showcasing a property during summer is more likely to attract prospects.

10. Embrace patience

In the real estate business, patience is key. Since luxurious homes are quite costly, you can expect to take longer to sell a unit. If it’s your first time selling luxurious properties, then take it easy. As long as you have adopted some of the techniques listed above, then sooner or later, you’ll sell it.


While many people dream of owning and living in luxury homes, few people can afford them. Those who can, are sometimes not aware of where they can find these homes. By employing the strategies listed above, you significantly increase your chances of making a sale. All that is required of you is patience and persistence.

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