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March 3, 2023

Luxury Casino Dress Code

Visitors in a luxury casino follow specific rules regarding their attire. Whether you play the classic fruit slot or enjoy a good card game, adhering to the dress code is essential. If you want to visit a high-end casino but don’t know what to wear, this post explains all you need to know.

Dress code

The attire is an integral part of the luxury casino experience. Casino enthusiasts ensure their appearance matches their budget. The outfit for a luxury casino depends on your style and what you consider a classic. However, a few things should be avoided. Too revealing clothes aren’t welcome in a high-end casino such as The Hippodrome Casino in London. The same goes for too-busy prints and lots of colors. Such styles aren’t considered to be tasteful.

To get the casino dress code right, go for clothes that look sophisticated. A simple and elegant look goes a long way. Some casinos might be more specific regarding their dress codes, so check with them. Some might require black-tie attire for all visitors.

Influence of local culture

The appropriate attire for a casino also depends on the local culture. The rules that apply in some countries might not work for others. What is considered high-end in one country might be too much in another. The high-end casinos located in prosperous cities such as Monaco, for example, differ from high-end casinos in Argentina. Before heading to your establishment, learning more about the local culture and dress codes would be best.


Accessories are part of an elegant wardrobe. They complement the attire and strengthen the sleek feel. Accessorizing the outfit is essential for both men and women. Think of adding an excellent watch to make your outfit look more polished. However, make sure to avoid adding too much. One to two accessories are enough for an elegant look. Earrings and a ring are great ways to compliment a woman’s look. Wearing too many pieces at the same time can result in an untasteful look.

Tidy look

A tidy-looking outfit is a must when going to a high-end casino. Even a glam outfit can look bad if it has creases or damage. Ironing your clothes to remove wrinkles is the easiest way to achieve a polished look. Also, use a lint roller to remove the visible lint from black clothing. Make sure to avoid wearing clothes with visible signs of wear and tear. Worn-out garments tend to look tacky, so avoid them at all costs.

What not to wear in a luxury casino

Even though the dress code varies, getting it right isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is avoid the things that make you look tacky. Make sure to avoid informal footwear such as flip-flops or sportswear. Reserve your pair for the beach and gym, respectively. Avoid sleeveless tops and do wear t-shirts solely. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go too formal. A white tie dress code isn’t required for the casino, so keep it for special occasions. You might be denied entry if a casino has a specific dress code that excuses the things we mentioned.

High-end casino etiquette

You need to follow some unwritten rules when going to a high-end casino. For example, one of them is to tip the dealer, especially with winning hands. Also, one of the unspoken rules is that you need to follow the dress code we already explained. You are expected to be acknowledged with the etiquette before entering the casino.

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