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August 2, 2022

Luxury olive oil brand Éteo is at the cutting edge of sustainability

Today, luxury is often seen as coming with a price; the cost of the environment. The use of exotic materials in fashion and private jets producing tons of carbon emissions can often mean that there is an adverse effect on the world around us for luxury’s sake. Very rarely is luxury synonymous with sustainability.

Rising from the fertile Greek land, and bringing us the most luxurious of olive oils, Éteo – the uber luxurious olive oil – is set to change things.

Éteo believes in reuniting man with the riches of the land. Taking the warm, rich clay from the earth and the ancient wood from the olive tree, Éteo creates the perfect bottle that not only signifies elegance, but preserves the sacred olive oil inside, away from sunlight and air, and protecting its aroma and taste. Each bottle is individually handcrafted and each lid is fashioned from the leftover wood of the harvested fruit, showing every knot and twist, and with an attention to detail that epitomises luxury. Every stage of the product has been meticulously thought out, and each bottle is designed to look like a flawless drop, which creates the perfect pour. As a vessel that is 100% handmade, no two bottles are the same, and each one represents its namesake; ‘Éteo’ – the Ancient Greek word for genuine. Alexandros Papadopoulos, the CEO, states, “Éteo is an ethereal convergence between humanity and nature. It represents authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability. By combining two luxury elements – porcelain and olive wood, we bring to life a work of art which is unique, sustainable and different every time.”

As such, Éteo has managed to capture perfection in a bottle. Each creation contains its very own history, combining tradition, innovation, and creativity, with sustainability at its foundation. From the very beginning, Éteo has ensured that every reusable porcelain bottle is of the highest quality. With this uber luxury product, Éteo aims to inspire humanity to express our true, genuine selves – to embrace diversity and be unique.

Be Éteo – delve into a life of authenticity, luxury, and sustainability.

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