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March 26, 2021

Made in B – Quality gifts and products made exclusively in Britain, Bharat and Bhutan

At Made In B, we celebrate the rich and diverse work of local artisans, manufacturers and small businesses from Britain, Bharat and Bhutan. From imaginative potters to creative weavers and inspired jewellers, our aim is to support a wide variety of local artists, crafts persons and producers, focusing especially on promoting, preserving and reviving the local and dying arts, culture and traditional skills of crafters.

Our unique range of products encompass Home and Décor, Kitchen and Dining, Jewellery and Accessories, and premium teas and chocolates. Our products are high quality and purpose-driven where each product is selected for its contributions to the local community and sold with the Made in B ethical and sustainable guarantee.

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Our Aim

We want to empower the artisans and local businesses and work with the local ecosystems to help create a positive impact on society. We aim to:

• Preserve and revive the local and dying arts, culture and traditional skills of craftsmen.
• Promote an awareness and appreciation of British, Indian and Bhutanese crafts and products.
• Propagate interest towards artisan products, both locally and internationally – and share the cultural value and heritage of the respective regions.
• Provide a one-stop-shop for sustainable and ethical artisan products from Britain, Bharat and Bhutan.

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect ethically conscious buyers – those that share a commitment to social betterment – with our imaginative artisans and inspired local businesses.

Our Mission

We aim to be a socially responsible organisation where we are committed to bettering the world and making a positive and purposeful change in the society around us. Our motto is – if we can help even one artisan, business or community, then we are on our way to contributing to making a better and more sustainable society.

The Founder, Rumana Bukht

Made In B has been an idea for many years. My interest came about during my quest for products that were only made in Britain. Through my many adventures travelling from one end of Britain to another, I found myself meeting inspired artisans and discovering a huge variety of quality products made by companies and family-run enterprises keeping traditional heritage craft practices alive. Their fascinating tales and commitment to British craftsmanship was extraordinary. Having grown up in a business environment and reassured of my aspirations and entrepreneurial strengths – gained from the hard-earned lessons of pursuing a PhD – supplemented by a deep conviction of social purpose and responsibility, Made In B was thus conceptualised in 2018.

The identity behind Made in B is seated around three countries to which I have a close attachment and association – Britain (where I live), Bharat (the Sanskrit name for India, my ethnic connection) and Bhutan (to which I have a personal attachment since my childhood). As someone with profound regard for and sense of belonging to these cultural entities, and with deep-rooted personal values of social responsibility and ethics, the Made in B venture was developed with the aim to promote artisans/manufacturers and their products, as well as the local ecosystems within these regions and help create a positive impact on society.

It is my hope that this platform will act as a source for those seeking exquisite, high quality gifts and products made exclusively in Britain, Bharat and Bhutan.

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